The First Prize of First Shaolin Wahnam Poetry Competition 2015


(reproduced from

Santiago Criado

Santiago Criado

You can read all the poems submitted for the Competition here

The Master
Santiago Criado

Let me hold your hand, ‘til you can understand, let me hold your hand.

It’s alright if you cry, even if you don’t know why, it’s alright if you cry.

Let me help you to smile, even if it’s for a while, let me help you to smile.

Just smile from the heart, and the wall will fall apart, just smile from the heart.

Let me guide you in your way, oh through night and day, let me guide you in your way.

I will help you to forget any kind of regret, I will help you to forget.

You’ll be able to forgive, it’ll be a great relief, you’ll be able to forgive.

You will live in the now, and I will teach you how, you will live in the now.

You don’t have to feel scared, you can fly like a bird, you don’t have to feel scared.

You’ll enjoy the flow of life, and how to be alive, you’ll enjoy the flow of life.

Please click here to view a video of Santiago singing his poem


All the Poems Submitted for the Competition


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