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Wong Chun Yian

Wong Chun Yian teaching Chinese Chess


Shaolin Wahnam Ireland

4th October 2011

The ‘Chi’nese Chess

Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

I always write after a course and this time will not be different. As always, Wahnam courses are so enriching that exceed my expectations.

It has been a while since I don’t practice Western chess. It has been so because I don’t particularly feel attracted by it. But, with Chinese chess, the situation is very different. It is much more fun and much more realistic.

As in all Wahnam courses, the Chinese chess course (1st and 2nd October 2011 in Ireland) is full of philosophy, advices and strategies to apply on real life too. I made a list with the ones that impressed me most:

Situations can Always be Turned Around

In just one move, one can change from an adverse to a favorable situation. Those in the course had the opportunity to experience this when playing with Chun Yian Siheng. In my case, in one of the games, I was in a favorable position and Chun Yian Siheng gave three advices to my opponent and I lost the game. That taught me a lot. If one knows how, almost any situation can be changed.

Don’t Waste Unnecessary Movements

Like in Zen, it is better to be simple, direct and effective. Again, playing with Chun Yian Siheng, I learned this valuable lesson. I was making a short movement and then, I moved the same chess piece again. Chun Yian Siheng told me: “You did two movements to arrive here. That could be done in only one move. You wasted one movement and you gave that advantage to the adversary.”

Have a Whole Picture of What is Happening

Like in life, one tends to focus only on one perspective or view. It is easy to forget that many other facts can affect the game. One chess piece placed on the back can change everything in only a couple of moves. Again, Chun Yian Siheng demonstrated to me this precious advice within the game. Once, I was so focused on my attack that I forgot about the rest of the chess pieces. In a couple of movements, I lost the game. I didn’t pay too much attention of what Chun Yian Siheng was doing with the other pieces.

Safety First

Many people on the course was attacking without paying attention to defense. What Chun Yian Siheng told us about was: “One cannot think about an attack when defense is weak. First defense, then attack.”

Reduce Your Mistakes

I am very sure that everybody within the course remembers this advice. The more mistakes we were committing, the less opportunities we had for winning the game.

Don’t Lock Yourself

That is another extraordinary advice from Chun Yian Siheng. Within the game, we were locking our chess pieces in order to accomplish one strategy. But, what we forgot, was that we couldn’t use those pieces for the rest of the game because they were locked. Then, most of our resources were wasted and limited. Again, playing with Chun Yian Siheng, he demonstrated to me how important this advice was. He killed 4 pieces of mine with only one piece of him. My other pieces were locked doing something else so I could not do anything about it.

Sometimes You have to Choose to Lose

That is another excellent advice. Chun Yian Siheng was teaching me that lesson as follows: He was placed his chess pieces in the way that always two pieces of mine were in danger. One of them always had to die and I was the one choosing which one of them I was going to sacrifice. Then, I remember in exact words what Chun Yian Siheng told me: “Sometimes, you have to decide what you want to lose in order to get something else.”

It is Better to Lose a Game but Win a Friend than to Win a Game but also Win an Enemy

Chun Yian Siheng finished the course with this excellent advice and quote mentioned by Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, his father.

As always, it is difficult to return what Shaolin Wahnam is giving me. I feel very blessed with Shaolin Wahnam family within Ireland. Thanks Chun Yian Siheng for coming to teach us this treasured game. It was a wonderful weekend. Thanks also to Joan Sijie for taken care of me and thanks to all Shaolin Wahnam family, here in Ireland, for making me feel like at home.

Shaolin Salute,


Chinese chess

Santiago and Wong Chun Yian playing Chinese chess

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Scholar Project — Chinese Chess in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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Emiko Hsuen
Teacher, Writer, Composer, Musician, Shaolin Wahnam Instructor, Toronto, Canada

Emiko Hsuen

Emiko Hsuen (far left) with brothers and sisters of the international Shaolin Wahnam Family during the wedding celebrations of Sifu Wong’s eldest daughter in Malaysia in December 2004

A Brief Review of My Medical (Personal) History

  • In 1995, I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called Endometriosis.
  • On October 6, 1995, I had laparoscopic surgery and was post-operatively diagnosed as having Stage III Endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids.
  • In October 2000, blood tests revealed that I was also suffering from Hypothyroidism.
  • All three chronic disorders are considered incurable by western medicine.
  • In December 2000, I flew to Malaysia and learnt Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung and Shaolin Kungfu from world-renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. I was told that if I practiced exactly in the manner in which I had been instructed, without fail, that I would be cured of Endometriosis within one year (by December 2001).
  • I believed him and did the practice exactly as I was told.
  • In February 2001, blood tests revealed that I no longer had Hypothyroidism.
  • In July 2001, the symptoms of Endometriosis completely disappeared.
  • In September 2003, ultrasound reports showed that the Uterine Fibroids had grown. I was booked for surgery at the end of January 2004.
  • In October 2003, I flew down to Boston to learn about Macrobiotics.
  • I began to incorporate more chi kung principles into the diet.
  • The diet and chi kung proved to have beneficial effects: in subsequent ultrasounds there was little or no growth of the fibroids.
  • Due to my lifestyle and certain extenuating circumstances, I was not able to maintain the diet. The fibroids began to grow again at a rapid rate.
  • On April 20, 2005, I underwent a full laparotomy and had all of the fibroids removed (14 in total).
  • Post-surgery, I was informed by the surgeon and other attending doctors that during the surgery, search as they might, they had been unable to find the presence of Endometriosis. Though I had not suffered any pain since July 2001, it was expected that scar tissue and remains of the disease would still be visible. Apparently, there was not a trace of it any where.
  • I am now an authentic “case study” showing irrefutable evidence that a person can be fully cured from Endometriosis (as opposed to an anecdotal story). This may be the first time ever that doctors now have evidence to show Endometriosis is a curable disease.
  • This ground-breaking news has already been communicated by a doctor to the President of the World Endometriosis Association (Milwaukee). It is also being communicated to the Director of the Japanese Endometriosis Association.


(The following subsections are all quoted from an informative text called Coping with Endometriosis by Robert H. Phillips, Ph.D., and Glenda Motta, R.N.)
What is Endometriosis?

“Endometriosis is one of the most prevalent gynecological disorders, affecting millions of women and girls around the world. The incidence of endometriosis diagnoses is on the rise, and we can no longer afford to treat the disease as an insignificant issue. Endometriosis can result in incapacitating pain, infertility, and repeated surgeries, and can render a woman or girl unable to go about her normal routine. This disease affects not only the patient, but also everyone around her. Dr. Von Rokitansky first detailed the disease in 1860.” (xiii)

“Endometriosis is a chronic disease of a woman’s or teenage girl’s reproductive and immune systems. Patches of endometrial tissue — similar to the tissue normally found only in the endometrium, the lining of the uterus — grow outside the uterus (the womb). This tissue develops into different types of “growths”, also called “implants,” “nodules,” or “cysts,” which can cause pain, bleeding, infertility, problems with your bowel or bladder, many other symptoms or changes.” (4)

“Endometriosis affects women and teenage girls of all races all over the world. Endometrial tissue has been found in autopsies of infants, premenstrual adolescents, posthysterectomy, and postmenopausal women (even in five men!), but generally occurs in women who are having menstrual periods?age at diagnosis ranges from the midteens to the forties.

One study reported that more than 50% of teenage girls undergoing surgery for severe pelvic pain had lesions. The Endometriosis Association and the Endometriosis Research Centre estimate that 2-4% of the general female population worldwide may have endometriosis.

Endometriosis affects more women than breast cancer. The average delay from the beginning of symptoms to diagnosis of the disease is over nine years. The disease is often confused with pelvic inflammatory disease, bladder infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and a multitude of other conditions. This means millions of women and girls suffer needlessly and treatment is delayed.” (6)

Emiko Hsuen
Emiko Hsuen, an instructor os Shaolin Wahnam Canada, posing at the Golden Bridge stance

What causes Endometriosis?

“Despite the number of theories as to the cause of endometriosis, none seem to account for all cases.” (8)
What are the symptoms of Endometriosis?

“For the most part the symptoms of endometriosis can be divided into the following main categories: pain, fatigue, bowel and bladder complications, heavy or irregular bleeding, and fertility problems.” (12)

“In addition?women with endometriosis can experience dizziness, migraine headaches, low back pain, poor resistance to infections, extensive allergies, chemical sensitivities, vaginal discharge between periods, yeast infections, and low-grade fever.” (15)
What are the stages of Endometriosis?

“Stage I is minimal. Endometriosis in the peritoneum (the abdominal cavity) is superficial, and only one ovary is involved. The endometrial lesions are small and not widespread.

“Stage II is mild. There is deep endometriosis in the peritoneum and both ovaries have superficial involvement.

“Stage III is moderate. There can be superficial or deep endometriosis in the peritoneum. The cul-de-sac (the area between the wall of the uterus and the rectum) is involved. Lesions are deep in one ovary, and the fallopian tubes are often affected. Adhesions are deep.

“Stage IV is severe. The number and type of implants are large; there are dense adhesions in the peritoneum, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries. Often, there is extensive scar tissue. There is considerable disease in many locations such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, bowel, appendix, peritoneum, and cul-de-sac.

“The staging system? is flawed in that the staging is not related to pain. (In some women, lesions may be small but cause severe pain. Others may have large lesions without a lot of pain.) It also does not label the changes that may be going on in the immune system and does not allow for the fact that implants may fluctuate in size.” (20)
What is the Prognosis of Western Medical Experts?

“Endometriosis is a chronic disease with no cure at the present time, which means that it can last as long as you are alive. New data from the world’s largest research registry on endometriosis show that women with endometriosis and their families have a heightened risk of breast cancer, melanoma, and ovarian cancer. There is also a greater risk of non-Hodgkins lymphoma in these families and a significantly higher incidence of diabetes, thyroid disorders, and other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and M?ni?re’s disease?.Serious problems with endometriosis occur when it has a destructive effect on important internal organs.” (20)
Medical Findings — Irrefutable Evidence that Endometriosis is a Curable Disease

Report 1 — Diagnosed with Endometriosis

Location: North York Branson Hospital

Service Date: Oct. 6, 1995

Quoted from Inpatient Operative Report:

“It was apparent that there was hemochromatic material scattered throughout the pelvis. There was a cystic structure on the left ovary. Foci of endometriosis was seen on the right ovary and also in the pouch of Douglas. The area was irrigated and we then grasped the ovary and incised through the cortex attempting to find a plane whereby we could remove the cyst, however, we ruptured into the cyst and it began to leak chocolate material. We irrigated and flushed this area clean?and amputated the cystic portion of the ovary leaving behind a good third to half of normal ovarian tissue on the left side.

“We coagulated the foci of endometriosis on the right ovary and also a few independent foci seen throughout the pelvic basin but there was a lot of brownish golden staining over the bladder peritoneum from presumed leakage of this endometrioma?Final Diagnosis: 1. Endometrioma, left ovary 2. Disseminated Endometriosis (This would be Stage 3 endometriosis).”
Report 2 — Diagnosed without Endometriosis

Location: Sunnybrook & Women’s College, Health Sciences Centre, Women’s College Campus

Service Date: Apr. 20, 2005

Quoted from Inpatient Operative Report:

“Examination revealed normal tubes and ovaries. There was no evidence of endometriosis in the cul de sacs, ovaries or other areas?”

Quoted from Surgical Pathology Consultation Report:

“Diagnosis: Tissue from uterus: – uterine leiomyoma (see comment)? Comment: Multiple sections are examined?These show the presence of a leiomyoma which shows no significant abnormality microscopically?the case would still be regarded as clearly benign with no potential for malignant activity.”

N.B. Had there been endometrial tissue present, the pathology report would have included this information in its findings. The fact that the doctor only makes mention of the myomas (fibroids) is further proof of the fact that the endometriosis is completely gone.


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smiling from the heart

Smiling from the Heart


Shaolin Wahnam Spain

17th March 2015

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” – Mother Teresa

Everything started when Sije mentioned in one of her classes: How many of you Smile from the Heart in the morning just before opening your eyes? I could not answer “yes” to that question. That made me realise a lot of things. If I always smile just at the very start of my practices and it is so beneficial, why not starting my day with a beautiful Smile from the Heart?

Smiling from the Heart is a simple but incredibly profound skill that brings me enormous and various benefits. I must confess that I sometimes forget this fact and it is not always easy for me to practice it at the very start of my day. When that happens I just take a couple of seconds and try gently for some more times. Then the miracle happens. I find it there, just in the heart, bring it out and share it with the world.

I never regretted commencing my day with a Smile from the Heart. It totally changes the entire day. This practice really boosts my energy, relaxes me, opens my heart and makes my life much more joyful.

As I was progressing in this practice and getting more and more benefits I decided to implement it to the rest of my day. For that, every time that I realised that I wasn’t Smiling from the Heart I was taking a deep breath, closing my eyes (when possible) and searching for an honest smile that came from the heart.

It is so beneficial that Smiling from the Heart is becoming very natural in my life. I am more aware than ever when I am not Smiling from the Heart. It is amazing how much the heart can close during the day. I totally understand now why I was feeling always so sad and depressed.

Whenever I am working and feel stressed I stop and Smile from the Heart. I realise then how much I was tensing as I feel that tension disappearing with the smile.

It is so simple, so profound and it has so many benefits that I cannot thank enough for this wonderful gift.

In fact, I think that it is impossible for me to worry or intellectualise when I am Smiling from the Heart. Smiling from the Heart connects me with God and refreshes my whole body, energy and spirit.

Adding to that, I have noticed that my practice has improved a lot since I Smile from the Heart more often as it instantly takes me to a Chi Kung State of Mind.

Many months have passed and many lessons have been learned by bringing alive this simple but profound practice.

Smiling from the Heart hasn’t always been easy. In fact, one day I was looking at my pictures over the past 10 years and I decided to destroy most of them as I looked incredible sad, upset and locked up. I didn’t want to keep such a terrible memory of myself. It was time for a fresh start, for a second opportunity.

It is inspiring to see how different my pictures look now. That shows me how profound these arts are and how much I have progressed since I practice them. Without realising, the change has been so enormous and meaningful that it is hard to believe.

I once heard that “a smile is the shortest distance between two people”. I have understood by direct experience that an honest smile coming from the heart opens the door to the wonders hosted in people’s hearts. A smile is the best way that I know to connect and bring the best out of me and people.

In fact, it was Sifu’s smile that opened my heart. It connected my heart with his and heart to heart transmission happened.

The more I walk this path the more respect I have for these beautiful arts. Having such meaningful lessons and teachings keep me really humble as I can see the limitless power of God reflected in every one of them.


The above discussion is reproduced from the thread The Shaolin Journey posted on 17th March 2015 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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chi kung

The wonderful healing benefits of chi kung

In December 2014 Sifu Anthony Korahais resigned from Shaolin Wahnam, denounced Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit as his teacher, and explained his action in a post, Why I Left Sifu Wong After 17 Years. (The post has since been removed by Sifu Anthony Korahais.) The post drew many comments. Below is one from a courageous victim, Angeline.

Predator and Prey

What does it mean to be a victim? We want to side with the victim, to rally on their behalf, to listen to their story and offer support and understanding. Perhaps we want to do something to right the wrongs in the world. But this is a very complex issue.

I have been a victim, I am a survivor. I have spoken out. I have been angry, and wanted those inflicting pain and suffering on others to be persecuted. There are many types of sexual abuse. It sounds to me that the predator in this situation used manipulation tactics on a physiological/spirit level. As an adult I have fallen prey to manipulation on the psychological level. I have been coerced, and felt deep regret. Powers of manipulation can be dark, confusing, and subversive. I would also add vile.

I have done a lot to work on my own inner healing. I was only four when I was first abused. I later worked as an artist and did my graduating work based on women who suffered from sexual abuse. I interviewed women and read many books. But there is a danger taking on someone’s battle, defending and listening to personal issues of sexual abuse. I have wanted to protect with righteous indignation. I have also wanted to understand.

Exploring my sexuality as a woman has been difficult, messy, mistakes have been made, I have gone down some wrong roads. It’s a place of extreme vulnerability and exploration. I have fallen prey – it was a learning journey. Unfortunately, I had to endure being hurt to learn some lessons. I also understand that even if a sexual act is consensual does not necessarily mean it won’t hurt someone.

But even accepting the previous statement I would be careful when using the word rape. And rape by definition is: “unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.” Consent being a key word here. And this territory is not always clear.

I have wondered about myself as a child, why was I singled out? And later why have I been targeted, as an adult? Also, how can I find some silver lining in this? Having been a victim I have great compassion, empathy, sensitivity and sometimes understanding. I try to form my own opinions and am very careful in sharing information. I am not out to sway opinion or even receive support. It is my process and can be at times painful.

People siding with me or even speaking out loud on my behalf have not been helpful on my spiritual healing journey. Pointing fingers and feeling anger and vengeance are extremely unhelpful.

The journey is not easy, but for me I eventually had to do it alone. I had to pass through and not be the victim; I also had to pass through depression. Psychotherapy, medication, reading, talking, making art did not guide or help me, though perhaps a little.

My guide was internal, and I had to trust and be honest with myself. I had to observe, listen, trust with ‘eyes open’ and Chi Kung is what helped me the most in this personal process of healing and ‘letting go’. I also had to make a leap of faith. I had to be open to the wondrous beauty of our world.

I would have no defence if I was attacked and brutally raped (though if I practiced Kung Fu I might). But I do have the defence and ability to see psychological forms of manipulation. I have an important internal gauge that steers me away from manipulative, destructive, subversive forces.

I also practice being a good person. I try to be open and truthful to myself, and trust my intuitive side (which was not an easy process at first). When I encountered someone who I discovered was cruel and abusive I reacted with wanting them to suffer and be hurt (justified by my internal struggle), it turned around and made things worse for me on a deeper level. And these were only thoughts. Though the road has its difficulties Sifu’s teachings and my Chi Kung practice helped me heal and move on and lead a happy life.

I try to be honest with myself. Therefore I am very careful who and how I tell anyone about my path. Getting people behind me to rally for me has not been helpful, maybe in the short term. But actually I found it quite damaging. I think if the abused women feel strongly wronged they need to bring it to police/court.

I understand that predators are not always found guilty and the court system not necessarily just and the process painful, the boundaries at times vague. But it brings information in the open. Or perhaps open/honest statements by the abused, sent privately or publicly. Does it leave you open, even to attack? Yes. But honesty and truth will prevail. It cannot be someone else’s narrative of events.

The path is difficult whether you speak or do not speak. Ultimately it can be a difficult road, and there is no avoiding it, but how you approach it and with what kind of heart (open /closed) is very important.

As I said before I have taken on women’s feelings, sentiments and battles and fought for them, for me and alongside. This has not been helpful to my psyche. The fight might have looked like I was defending someone, fighting for them against injustices, but it was also damaging and made me sick.

We all have a path with hurdles, blockages and deep psychological roles. Doing good and avoiding evil is the right path.

I met someone on a course once who was elderly and severely ill. People were very respectful and helping him in many ways. During the course Sifu spoke directly to him in harsh and loud tones. It struck me as odd and a different approach to healing. I later approached the student about it and found out he was hard of hearing and did not experience the same situation as loud and harsh. Perhaps Sifu needed to use a different energetic approach with this student.

I also had a strange revelation after, where I understood that the student’s ailment was self created. It was a strange moment in the path of compassion. Oddly, I still feel for this person but not in the same way. I am also very careful not to take on someone’s personal/emotional life.

Sifu’s role is not to judge and persecute. He is not condoning abuse. He is acting compassionately. Sifu’s approach can be confusing and very different. But he is working on a different energetic level.

Someone taking my side and battling for me is not helpful in the long run for me or them. Both predator and prey have blockages, and both need to grow and overcome. It is Sifu’s job to help both, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Anthony, getting people to back you, rally in your support, take on you your perspective, side with you will also not help you down the line, nor the abused women. You are misleading, even thou you and your supporters feel you are taking the moral high ground and trying to put an end to wrong doings and bring a predator out in the open. I don’t think you are guiding appropriately.

Also, someone acting as martyr “one who makes a great show of suffering in order to arouse sympathy”, makes me immediately wary. Ultimately there are so many facets of manipulation. I have never felt any level of manipulation from Sifu as a student. Because if I did I would never be his student.

Sifu has the capacity to help those affected to heal, recover, lead a happy life and experience spiritual joy in an amazing short period of time. And yet you steer people away from him. This saddens me deeply. For I do not believe you have this ability.

December 20, 2014


Cancer Can Be Cured!


Qigong Master of the YearThe Qigong Master of the Year explaining to the Second World Qigong Congress that Cancer Can Be Cured

Editorial Note:Sifu Wong Kiew Kit presented a paper on “Qigong, a Cure for Cancer and Chronic, Degenerative Diseases? A Global Interest” at the Second World Congress on Qigong, held in San Francisco, USA from 21st to 23rd November 1997. At the Congress, Sifu Wong was awarded “Qigong Master of the Year”.



There is No such a Disease as Cancer!

The question of cancer illustrates an interesting difference of perspective between conventional western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in viewing disease and health.

If we take the western perspective and call a disease cancer, it brings forth a feeling of fear and anxiety. But if we take the Chinese perspective, there is no such a disease as cancer!

That does not mean people suffering from an illness with symptoms which the west would identify as cancer, did not exist in China. They did but they were never identified as cancer patients, and many of them might have recovered without ever knowing that their disease would be called cancer by western doctors.



Treat the Cause, not the Symptom

Then how did traditional Chinese physicians identify their illness?

Unlike in conventional western medicine where a disease is identified by its symptoms, in traditional Chinese medicine it is identified by the pathogenic conditions of the patient.

Hence, three patients diagnosed by western doctors as suffering from the same disease such as stomach cancer, would be described differently by Chinese physicians, because the pathogenic conditions that cause the same symptoms can be different.

One patient may be described by the Chinese physicians as suffering from energy blockage of the spleen meridian, another from poisonous heat in the stomach system, and the third from accumulation of fire evil at the intermediate level.

While these diagnostic descriptions may sound funny to western audience, mainly because of cultural and linguistic differences, they are both meaningful and poetic to the Chinese.

To the patients themselves, it can be a difference of hope or resignation, recovery or suffering.

While western medicine uses such treatment methods as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, which attempt to eliminate the symptoms, Chinese medicine seeks to remove the causes.

Hence, Chinese physicians would not be so concerned as the spread and level of malignant growth, as, in the case of the three patients, clearing energy blockage of the spleen system, eliminating poisonous heat at the stomach system, and dispersing fire evil at the intermediate level. When the pathogenetic causes are removed, the patients will recover as a matter of course.



Ocean of Carcinogens

It is a fallacy to say that cancer is incurable.

Cancer experts know that every person has cancer not just once or twice but thousands of times in his (or her) lifetime, and the same thousands of times he recovers from cancer without his knowing.

It is only when his systems fail to function as they should function, that cancer surfaces as a clinical disease.

Statistics show that one out five persons in the United States has cancer as a clinical disease. The situation in other parts of the world is equally disturbing.

But if we are aware of the environmental conditions we are in, we would probably revise our thinking. According to cancer experts, the two main causes of cancer in human are chemical carcinogens and radiation.

You may be alarmed, or heartened — depending on your perspective — to know that we are literally living in an ocean of carcinogens, or cancer-causing substances.

The following are only some of the common carcinogens: arsenic, asbestos, benzidine, benzpyrene, carbon tetrachloride, chromium compounds, lead, nickel compounds, oils, petroleum products, cigarette smoke, pitch, hydrocarbons, cobalt, soot and tar.

Thus, the moment you step onto a tar road, you expose yourself to a carcinogen.



Radiation In and Out

You may, with tremendous effort and extreme discomfort, avoid chemical carcinogens, but you simply cannot avoid radiation.

Not only we are constantly exposed to powerful radiation from outer space, we are also constantly exposed to radiation inside out body. Our free radicals, which are essential for our immune system, are radio-active. Radiation causes cells to mutate.

An adult has about 100 trillion cells, and each day he produces 300 billion cells to replace cell loss and damage. If just only one cell mutates, if left unchecked, it would lead to cancer.



Everyone Cures Himself or Herself of Cancer

With this awareness, we should ask not why does one out of five persons have cancer, but why four out of five do not.

The answer is actually simple: we have wonderful systems ourselves to overcome not only cancer but all diseases.

For example, millions of cells mutate every day, but they are checked and balanced by our own wonderful body systems. Good health is our birth-right. We are by nature healthy. Illness occurs only if one or more of our body systems fail to function naturally. Illness is unnatural and temporary, and therefore can be rectified.

In Chinese medical philosophy the way to maintain or regain health is to restore the natural functions of our body systems. The Chinese figuratively call it restoring yin-yang harmony, yin representing the natural workings of the body and yang all disease causing agents.



Life is a Meaningful Flow of Energy

There are many approaches in restoring yin-yang harmony, such as acupuncture, herbalism, massage therapy and external medicine, but the most direct and natural is chi kung.

Chi kung, also spelt as “qigong” in Romanized Chinese, is the art of energy. Life, most life scientists today agree, is a meaningful flow of energy. If the flow is disrupted, illness or even death may occur. The forte of chi kung training is to increase energy level and ensure its harmonious flow.

This meaningful flow of energy occurs at all levels of life. For example, at the organic level when radiation becomes stronger, such as when we go into the sun, numerous mechanisms will trigger off the right responses to adjust to the changing environment.

At the cellular level when carcinogens seeps into cells, just the right amount of hormones (many of which are still unknown to modern science) will be produced to neutralize the adverse effect of the cancer-causing chemicals. In Chinese medical terms, this is known as harmonious chi flow.



Effects of Chi Kung on Body Cells

Recent research using modern scientific methods and instruments has shown some encouraging facts about the effect of chi or energy on body cells.

It has been discovered that 50% of cancer cells in a cultured dish were killed after a chi kung master has transmitted chi into them after 5 minutes — without affecting other healthy cells.

It is also discovered that the DNA pattern of a sick person is slightly different from that when he is healthy, and harmonizing energy flow through chi kung training can restore the healthy DNA pattern.

If medical researchers place the interest of cancer patients above pride and prejudice, vested interest and group pressure, they should at least conduct further tests to honestly investigate if these claims are true.



Benefits of Chi Kung for Cancer Patients

It may be assuring to some cancer patients to know that practising chi kung, even if it does not bring the desired cure, cannot make their illness any worse. Even if total recovery is not achieved, their quality of life is almost certain to improve.

They will, amongst other benefits, be able to eat and sleep better, experience less pain, have more energy, and most important of all regain their hope and will to live.

But they should aim for complete cure, for to be healthy is their birth-right.

They should also realize that they need to practise chi kung, and not just some gentle exercises mistakenly regarded as chi kung.

A crucial criterion is that they should be able to purposefully improve their energy flow.

Better still, they should enter into what is known as a chi kung state of mind whereby in this heightened state of consciousness, they can subconsciously instruct the millions of new cells born every moment to be healthy and wholesome, and not automatically follow the cancer pattern of their predecessors. All these can be achieved, for good health is our natural birth-right.

How Has Chi Kung and Shaolin Wahnam Changed My Life – Sifu Antonio Colarusso

Antonio Colarusso

Shaolin Wahnam Instructor and President or Chief Executive Officer
of 2 International and 10 National Companies

Antonio Colarusso

Sifu Antonio Colarusso

The following testimonial is reproduced from the thread How Has Chi Kung and the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Changed my Life started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 6th January 2009.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today, while having a wonderful vacation far away from home and during a very special dinner with my family in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, I felt the need to write a letter to Sigung and to my Sifus. The urge to write came because I am feeling so happy these days. I am enjoying a special state of meditative thinking and a sense of gratitude that is covering my complete body. So I decided that instead of writing a private email, I will post a thread in our special Virtual Kwoon. This sensation of gratitude and happiness, I can only recall having felt this way once before, and that was during the iItensive Chi Kung Course in beautiful Kota Kinabalu.

It was like a film of 10 thousand pictures going 100 miles per hour in front of my eyes, seeing everything that has happened to me, to my family and to the people who work for me in my companies since I began practicing Chi Kung and Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan.

Every image on that film brought me tears of happiness to my eyes, remembering how my attitude towards life has changed, the connection I was able to reestablish with my dad and my two kids, the many projects I have created. All of these blessings came into my life because of my involvement with the SWI. I have been able to be more serene, more relaxed, happier, loving, more aware and more centered. All these conditions brought me a new sense of being in what I called the ZONE, which for me is to be able to be in FOCUS and with a clear objective to be achieved.

As I said before, I felt a need to write how I feel, to send my gratitude to Sigung, to Sifu Piti, to Sifu Rama and to all Members of the SWI Family. This incredible family who have helped me become a better human being… a better person in all senses of the word. The teachings I have received from all of you have helped me facilitate a big change in my organization. These changes have affected over 600 direct workers and more that 3,500 indirect workers. It has also allowed me to raise their standard of living in a country were more than 89% of the population are in extreme poverty.

Guan Yin Bodhisattva

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Antonio Colarussa in Sabah under the loving care of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Golden Boy and Jade Girl

It is through these lines that I am able to give some of the gratitude back to my Sigung and to my Sifus. They have helped me all these years and are still contributing with my development through the teachings and practice of the Shaolin Arts, that in terms have helped many people who have decided and have taken the big step to become Healthy, to have more Vitality and to experience the greatness of Spiritual Joy.

It has been more than three years now since I started practicing Chi Kung… but being able to open up a closed heart. To see and feel the suffering around me but also the happiness that is in front of my own eyes has changed my attitude towards life. The balance to grow in knowledge, compassion and power has allowed me to become free, happy and to enjoy LIFE.

I canot thank you enough; you gave me another sense, another direction, to my own life. I now enjoy having a clearer direction in my life’s goal. The decision making process is more tranquil, more serene, with less fears and distractions.

You have set you destiny in a novel cause and I will always Thank Kuan Shi Yin Pusat, Si Tai Kung Ho, Si Tai Kung Lai, all of the pasts masters, Sigung, Sifu Rama and specially Sifu Piti for allowing me become a part of this family.

With respect and gratitude

Antonio Colarusso
Shaolin Wahnam Venezuala
Thoughts create reality

Intensive Taijiquan Course, Penang 2008Sifu Piti, Dr Riccardo Salvetore, Sifu Rama, Andres and Sifu Antonio at the Intensive Taijqian Course of September 2008 in Penang