Sifu Lee Wei Joo

About Sifu Lee Wei Joo


Sifu Lee Wei Joo, left, with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, right,

Sifu Lee Wei Joo is a certified instructor and certified healer of Shaolin Wahnam Institute.

He has graduated from several intensive courses with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit:

  • Intensive Chi Kung Course 2004

  • intensive Kung Fu Course 2005

  • Intensive Weapons Course 2006

  • Intensive Kung Fu Course 2006

  • Intensive Chi Kung Course 2007

  • Intensive Kung Fu Course 2007

  • Small Universe Course 2009

  • Chi Kung Healing Course 2011

  • Art of Teaching Course 2013

  • First Dragon Strength Course 2014

  • First Essence of Shaolin Course 2017

  • Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu Practitioner Course 2018

  • Special Lion Dance Course 2019

Sifu Lee Wei Joo first learned from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in the year 2004 when he attended an Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Subsequently he requested to learn Shaolin Kung Fu despite not having any prior martial arts experience.

“One of the course participants was Wei Joo, who lives in Kuala Lumpuir in Malaysia. When he attended my Intensive Chi Kung Course a few months ago, he expressed his desire to attend my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course. I told him that he must have some prior kungfu experience. I told him to learn some kungfu, or even just external kungfu forms, in his hometown first.

But he was not satisfied with the kungfu schools he found, so he learned from my book. I was very impressed with his performance at the course. He could spar reasonably well using typical kungfu forms for a few hours without feeling tired. You can read his and other participants’ comments at Comments & Experiences from participants of an Intensive Kung Fu Course in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.” – Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, Answer to Reader’s Questions June 2005, Part 1

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Sifu Lee felt that he had found what he was looking for all along: A traditional Kung Fu school that respects the rich and marvelous legacy of Shaolin Kung Fu and that keeps its culture and applications alive. He has since attended a number of Intensive Kung Fu and Chi Kung courses to further upgrade and improve his skills, and also has attended an  Intensive Weapon Course and the marvelous Small Universe Course. He was accepted to the prestigious Shaolin Wahnam Healing Course held in October 2011, where he met Sifu Dr. Foong Tuck Meng. Most recently he completed the First Essence of Shaolin Course 2017.

The Art of Teaching Course

Art of Teaching Course December 2013

Grandmaster Wong has given his blessings for Sifu Lee Wei Joo to teach and further spread the Shaolin arts to deserving students.

You can contact Sifu Lee Wei Joo at, mobile number 010-2228112 for information regarding Chi Kung, Kung Fu and Healing.