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These videos are meant to be review material for students. Interested persons should learn genuine Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu and Chi Kung from a certified Shaolin Wahnam instructor.


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It is understandable the uninitiated cannot believe that practicing a simple, and profound, exercise like “One-Finger Shoot Zen” as shown above, can develop internal force and mental clarity

Now you are able to share an important story Grandmaster Wong has told many of his inner-chamber disciples. When he first learned from Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam, the third generation-successor from the southern Shaolin Temple, Grandmaster Ho said:

“Many people say that they learn kungfu (meaning “force training”), but what they actually learn is just quan-fa (meaning “combat techniques”). Now you learn two of the best kungfu in Shaolin, namely One-Finger Zen and Tiger Claw.” This was when Grandmaster Ho taught Grandmaster Wong “One-Finger Shooting Zen”.

One-Finger Shooting Zen is an amazing exercise to develop internal force and mental clarity, which not only enhance our combat efficiency but more significantly give us good health, vitality, longevity and spiritual joys.

The set of One-Finger Shooting Zen with four sequences and their patterns is as follows:

One-Finger Shooting Zen
1.1 One-Finger Shooting Zen.
1.2 Single Tiger Claw.

Double Dragon Emerges from Sea
2.1 Double Dragon Emerges from Sea.
2.2 Golden Scissors.
2.3 Double Tiger Claws.

Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
3.1 Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom.
3.2 Beauty Looks at Mirror.
3.3 Single Tiger Claw.

Big Boss Offers Wine
4.1 Big Boss Offers Wine.
4.2 Reverse Thunder Roll Heaven.

After the “One-Finger Shooting Zen” training, go into chi flow. This is very important; go into chi flow.

Of course, it has to be learnt personally from a competent teacher. Those who learn from books or videos only gets its outward forms.

Please note: you can download the video clips onto your own computer and view them at your leisure. Place your computer pointer at the picture or one of the links, and right click. Choose “Save Target As”. Select the directory or sub-directory where you wish to keep the video clip. Click “Save”.

Getting the Stance Correct


As you are going to perform the whole exercise consisting of many patterns on the Horse-Riding Stance, it is only logical that first of all you must get your stance correct. An incorrect stance will not only negate all the benefits of the training, it may also bring adverse effects. Notice that the feet are parallel, and the stance is pyramid-shaped. But the most important factor is to be relaxed.

Notice the pyramid shape of the Horse-Riding Stance. The pyramid-shaped position enables cosmic energy to focus at the dan tian, thus developing internal force. It is very important that your form is correct and you are perfectly relaxed.

Should your Horse-Riding Stance be high or low? This depends on a few factors. It should not be too high that your chi is floating, or too low that you feel stressful. You should aim at a pyramid shape, but as your progress, as more chi accumulates at your dan tian, your stance will spontaneously become lower.

The size of the video clip is 1.03 mb.

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One-Finger Zen and Tiger-Claw


The sound for the “One Finger Shooting Zen” is “shsss”, and for the Tiger-Claw is “yaaa”. “Shsss” comes from the kidneys, and “yaaa” vibrates from the lungs. It is very important to breath out through the mouth with the “ha” sound at the completion of the movement.

When you move your hand, the other parts of your body remain still. This is a manifestation of yin-yang harmony. When your chi flows, your mind is tranquil. This is another manifestation of yin-yang harmony. Your are forceful and peaceful. You are light on top, and solid below. These are other manifestations of yin-yang harmony.

The size of the video clip is 1.42 mb.

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Inner Harmonious of Elegance, Energy and Mind


The breathing should be gentle. Breathe in when you move your index finger in, and breathe out when you move your index finger out. The mind should be focused but relaxed. Attain the three inner harmonies of “jing”, “qi” and “shen”, which means elegant movement, energy flow, and presence of mind.

The size of the video clip is 1.29 mb.

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Double Dragons and Poisonous Snake


When you explode “herit” as you punch out the Double Dragons, it is very important that you open your mouth. The sound “herit” comes from the dan tian, and not from the throat. The “shssh” sound in Poisonous Snake comes from the kidneys.

The size of the video clip is 1.19 mb. 

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Big Boss Offers Wine


The “ho” sound comes from the liver, and the “herit” sound from the dan tian. Notice how the vertical fist is held. The fist, formed by the third bones of the fingers, faces forward, and is not turned sideway when brought back to the chest.

The size of the video clip is 1.04 mb.

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Tremendous Force due to Energy Flow


The fist is relaxed, not tensed. The tremendous force in Grandmaster Wong’s fist is due to vigorous energy flow, and not due to muscular tension. Once you tense your muscles, you block your energy flow. The more relaxed you are, the more forceful you will be.

The size of the video clip is 0.83 mb.

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Various Sounds and their related Internal Organs


Grandmaster Wong explains the various sounds and their relationship with internal organs. “Herit”, for example, comes from the dan tian, and “yaaa” comes from the lungs, not from the throat. It is very important to keep the mouth open, otherwise energy many be locked in the chest or other parts of the body.

The size of the video clip is 1.13 mb.

Click here to download.


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