Kung Fu Classes for Adults



Enjoy having internal force and being able to use the kungfu techniques you learn for combat in three months instead of six years. The fee you pay per course will be higher, but it is certainly better than taking a much longer time, or not enjoying these benefits at all



The aim of the Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu classes for adults is to develop internal force, enhance health and mental clarity for work or play, and the practical application of Shaolin Wahnam patterns for sparring and self-defense using Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu forms.

Classes are taught by Sifu Lee Wei Joo, a certified instructor of Shaolin Wahnam.


The whole syllabus will be spread over 1.5 years to 2 years. The syllabus will have 6 courses.

Duration: 1 course is 3 months. Lessons will be 2 hours per week. Total 24 hours of lessons.

Fees: 1 course will be RM3,000.00 for adults (ages 21+) payable upon acceptance of the course. There will be no refunds once the payment is made.

Early Bird Offer – first 20 students for RM2,500.00 only for the course.

Venue: Cyber  Heights Villa, Jalan Cyber Suria, Cyberjaya, 63000, Selangor

Class Times:

Note: Only 1 class per week, you can choose to come either Saturday or Sunday morning. However, you can also come on both days, with the other day being a bonus class.

Saturday   8.00am – 10.00am

Sunday     8.00am – 10.00am

To Apply:

Please read the ten shaolin laws.

May start anytime.

If you are interested in applying for a Shaolin Kung Fu Course, please email Sifu Lee Wei Joo at shaolinwahnamkl@gmail.com mobile number +601116651395. Please include your name, gender, age, any health concerns you may have and contact details.

Arrangements for  Kung Fu classes at other places can also be made. Please contact Sifu Lee Wei Joo at shaolinwahnamkl@gmail.com for class availability and schedule details.

Course Syllabus

Programme for Regular Classes – Shaolin Kung Fu:

Level 1: Fundamentals of Shaolin Kungfu

Form: Basic patterns, stances and footwork.

Application: Specific Techniques.

Force: Zhang Zhuang (basic stances), One Finger Shooting Zen, Leg Stretching.

Philosophy: Dimensions, aims and brief history.


8 basic patterns of hand attack and defence.
Basic stances — Horse-Riding, Bow-Arrow, False-Leg, Single-Leg,
Unicorn, Goat.
Footwork — forward, backward and sideways.
Specific Techniques against simple punches, kicks, holds on wrist,
and throws from standing position. Use “Single Tiger” against punches,
“Lohan Strikes Drum” against kicks, “Rolling thunder” against holds on
wrist, shifting step against throws.

Level 2: Lohan Asks the Way.

Form: Basic set — Lohan Asks the Way.

Application: 4 basic hand attacks and defence from poise patterns.

Force: Zhang Zhuang with hand forms, Spacing, Timing, Breath Coordination
Philosophy: Principles of Attack and Defence.


Sparring mode— pre-choice and self-choice.
Principles — Three Arrivals, Ask the Way, Safety First.

Level 3: Black Tiger Steals Heart.

Form: Applicaion Set 1 — Black Tiger Steals Heart.

Application: Hand attacks in three-step sequences.

Force: Flow of movement, Quick decision making, Instant modification.

Philosophy: Principles of Force Training.


Sparring mode — changing patterns.
Principles — Gradual Progress, Perseverance,Techniques and Skills.

Level 4: Fierce Tiger Speeds Across Valley

Form: Application Set 2 — Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley, Patterns
for kicks and defence.

Application: Further hand attacks in three-step sequences, One-step
kicking attacks and defence.

Force: Leg-Stretching Exercises.

Philosophy: Techniques, Tactics and Strategies.


Sparring mode — left or right, run-on sequence.
Principles — Soft against hard, Exploiting opponent’s weakness,
Avoiding his strong points.

Level 5: Happy Bird Hops up Branch.

Form: Application Set 3 — Happy Bird Hops up Branch.

Application: Combat sequences with kicking attacks.

Force: Breath Co-ordination.

Philosophy: Use of Tactics.


Tactics — Feign weakness, Pressing attack, Breaking opponent’s momentum.

Level 6: Felling Tree with Roots.

Form: Application Set 4 — Felling Tree with Roots.

Application: Combat sequences with holds and falls.

Force: Elegance and Speed.

Philosophy: Use of Strategies.


Strategies based on “Know Thyself, Know your Opponent”.

If you are interested in applying for a Shaolin Kung Fu Course, please email Sifu Lee Wei Joo at shaolinwahnamkl@gmail.com. Please include your name, gender, age, any health concerns you may have and contact details.

Please also read the ten shaolin laws.