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Li Siew Wan returned home. She thought she would be killed, and wondered why Miu Chooi Fa did not kill her.

Just then, she heard a familiar voice reciting a poem:

Hundreds of acres half grown with mosses;
Plum flowers end in extreme, vegetables blossom.
Where will be the Toaist who plants the plum?
In front of a pavilion I come with hope in bosom.

In walked an elderly man shining dark in complexion, with eyebrows that seemed to speak, eyes that shone like stars, and silvery white beard under his chin. He was Li Pa San, the most senior disciple of the kungfu genius, Pak Mei. Li Pa San was the First Patriarch of Li Ka Kungfu, or Kungfu of the Li Family.

(Another First Patriarch of Li Ka Kungfu was Li Pak Tat. There were different schools of Li Ka Kungfu. Li Pa San was one generation ahead of Li Pak Tat.)

“Papa!” Li Siew Wan called, then she cried like a baby.

After being asked what the matter was, Li Siew Wan explained what had happened.

“I must avenge the death of my son-in-law,” Li Pa San said.

Perhaps remembering the mercy shown by Miu Chooi Fa, Li Siew Wan said, “Papa, you have just arrived. Why not stay for a few days first? The lei-tai business can come later.”

“Alright. I shall give them ten days.” So Li Pak San wrote a challenge inviting Mui Chooi Fa to a lei-tai match in ten days’ time.

When Miu Chooi Fa received the challenge message, she was at a loss of what to do. She knew that Li Pa San’s kungfu was far ahead of hers. But to refuse a lei-tai challenge would be dishonorable. Meanwhile Fong Sai Yuk was slowly recovering from the injury.

While Miu Chooi Fa and the others were at a loss of what to do, Ng Mui suddenly appeared. Ng Mui was the most senior of the Five Shaolin Elders, the others were Pak Mei, Chee Seen, Fong Tou Tuck and Mui Hin in the order of seniority and also of kungfu excellence.

Ng Mui, who was a Shaolin nun, asked the group what the matter was. They explained thoroughly to her.

“There is no problem. I shall take the place of Mui Chooi Fa in the lei-tai challlenge,” she declared. “I shall also take Sai Yuk back to my nunnery so that I can nourish him to good health, and perhaps teach him some kungfu.”

Mui Chooi Fa and Fong Tuck were very happy. But Mui Chooi Fa protested, “Li Pa San challenged me. How could Sipak take my place?”

(“Sipak” means the elder of one’s teacher in a kungfu family. Although Ng Mui was a woman, in kungfu tradition she was regarded as male and addressed as “Sipak” instead of “Siguma”. The wife of the elder of one’s teacher in a kungfu family would be addressed as “Siguma”.)

“Chooi Fa, you were right to spare Li Siew Wan’s life. Let mercy runs from our hands. If revenge follows revenge, there will be no end. I shall reason to Li Pa San on the lei-tai day, and I hope he will listen.”

So on the day of the challenge, Ng Mui led Mui Chooi Fa, Fong Tuck, Chan Yuk Shi and other important members of Guangdong Association to meet Li Pa San and his daughter, Li Siew Wan, at the lei-tai. Li Pa San was surprised to see Ng Mui.

He knelt before Ng Mui and said, “Sipak, I never knew you were here. Otherwise I would have come a long way to welcome you.”

Ng Mui helped Li Pa San to stand up.

“Pa San,” Ng Mui said, “I’m here as a peace-maker. Miu Chooi Fa told me that she would be no match against you.”

“It started because Fong Sai Yuk killed my son-in-law,” Li Pa San protested.

“That was not how it started. It started because your son-in-law, Looi Hoong, set up a lei-tai and announced that his one punch would strike the whole of Guangdong, and his one leg would kick the districts of Suzhou and Hangzhou. This was a great insult to many people. Many masters who wanted to defend Guangdong, Suzhou and Hangzhou against the insult were killed by your son-in-law.“

Li Pa San did not know what to say after hearing Ng Mui’s explanation. But he managed to mumble “But today I want to challenge Mui Chooi Fa who defeated my daughter.”

“Do you know who Mui Chooi Fa is?” asked Ng Mui.

“No, I don’t.”

“She is the only daughter of Miu Hein, whom people call the Plucking-Star Lohan. According to kungfu hierarchy, she is of your same level, and one level above that of Siew Wan.”

“No wonder her kungfu was so good. She defeated my daughter, Siew Wan.”

“She conceded that she was no match for you. She also did the right thing. As you know very well, she spared Siew Wan’s life, otherwise Siew Wan would not be here with you.”

After a short while, Ng Mui continued, “But if you insist on the lei-tai match, I would take the place of Chooi Fa to fight you.”

“Sipak, I am no match for you. Even my sifu (i.e. kungfu teacher) is no match for you.”

“Then, that is easy. We shall make peace. There is no end if duels and duels go on.”

Ng Mui smiled and led away the group that came with her.

It is interesting to mention the following which some readers may have missed.

Looi Hoong defeated many kungfu masters, but he was defeated by Fong Sai Yuk, a boy of 15 at the time. It showed that age and size were not an important consideration in kungfu combat.

Fong Sai Yuk was defeated by Li Siew Wan, a young woman around 30. This showed that gender was not an important consideration. Li Siew Wan was defeated by Miu Chooi Fa, who was about 40, indicating that age was not an important consideration.

Miu Chooi Fa knew that she would be no match against Li Pa San, who was about 50-60 at the time, indicating again that age was not important. Li Pa San was no match against Ng Mui, who was about 60-70, indicating that age and gender were not important.

In Western society where a young man of 30 is normally more combat efficient than a boy of 15, or a woman of 60-70, indicating that age, size and gender are important factors in combat, but it is not so in kungfu where, because of internal force and fighting experience, an exponent is usually better in combat when he or she grows older.

Wong Kiew Kit,
9th January 2018, Sungai Petani





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“White Crane Steps on Snow” in the Essence of Shaolin

When Fong Sai Yuk was brought back to Guangdong Association, his shirt was removed and people around found that the protection shield which protected Fong Sai Yuk was broken, yet Fong Sai Yuk sustained serious injury.

“If not for the protection shield,” Miu Chooi Fa commented, “Sai Yuk would have been killed by the ‘chuin sam thui’ (or through-the-heart kick) of Li Siew Wan. But Sai Yuk is still seriously injured. This can show how powerful was Li Siew Wan’s thrust kick!”

Miu Chooi Fa applied some medicine on Fong Sai Yuk, then asked him to rest. She regarded her son as her “precious heart” (which means “very dearly”). “I must avenge this kick on my son,” she declared. So she wrote a challenge to Li Siew Wan, asking her for a lei-tai match the next day.

“It is honorable for you to challenge Li Siew Wan on a lei-tai,” Chan Yuk Shi commented. “She is actually a pitiful woman. She just lost her husband, killed by Young Master Fong. Although Young Master Fong is seriously injured, he will recover in time. But duel after duel, when will this end?”

The next morning, Miu Chooi Fa led many supporters from Guangdong Association to Pure Ball Gate where the lei-tai was. Li Siew Wan was already waiting for them.

Miu Chooi Fa jumped up the stage and asked, “Are you Li Siew Wan?”

“That’s right. I’m Li Siew Wan. I suppose you are Miu Chooi Fa.”

“Your husband bullied the weak, created trouble for society, men and gods were angry at him. Yet, you hurt my son. Today I specially come to meet you, to experience your through-the-heart kick.”

“There is a saying that failed children come from devoted mothers. I suppose there is truth in the saying. Not only you do not teach your son, you protect his wrong. If I do not kill him, others will.”

“My son is not killed. He is only injured. He will be well soon,” answered Miu Chooi Fa.

Li Siew Wan was surprised. Her through-the-heart kick had always proven to be fatal if she used it. But she maintained her composure and said, “As you have come up the lei-tai to experience my through-the-heart kick, let’s begin.”

She moved forward and executed a thrust punch. This was a feign leading move. Amongst skillful kungfu exponents, the one who moved later had a slight advantage. But a skillful exponent could start with a feign leading move to tempt the opponent to react.

But Miu Chooi Fa was very skillful. Not only she did not ward off the attack, she adroitly moved to the opponent’s back, turned around and struck out her right palm, using the pattern “Return Horse Strike Palm”.

Hearing the sound of the palm, Li Siew Wan moved slightly forward to avoid the attack, and immediately turned around and struck out both palms, each aiming at Mui Chooi Fa’s vital points in the pattern “Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain”.

Without moving her feet, Mui Chooi Fa sank back her body to avoid the attack, then thrust out her two fingers in between the palms to dot the opponent’s “tan zhong” vital point at the solar plexus, using a “dim-mark” (or dotting vital point) technique. (This dim-mark technique was from the Flower Set, a specialty of her father, Miu Hein.)

Li Siew Wan was taken aback. She quickly shifted her body to a side to avoid the dim-mark attack. Then she engaged Mui Chooi Fa’s hands on top while she insidiously swept the opponent’s front leg below. Miu Chooi Fa moved her front leg to become her back leg, but Li Siew Wan moved in and swept the opponent’s leg again, using the pattern “Continuous Leg Sweeps”.

Miu Chooi Fa jumped off and responded with “Return Head Hand Sweep”, sweeping the opponent’s body while in a horse-riding stance. Li Siew Wan jumped away using “Move Body Little Jump”.

Both combatants exchanged numerous encounters, fast and precise, and like fire from grinding stones. Li Siew Wan was known as “Vicious Techniques Marvelous Girl” in kungfu circles, and her art was above that of her husband, Tiger Looi. Miu Chooi Fa was a skillful Shaolin disciple, often practicing with her father, Plucking-Star Lohan Miu Hein.

Li Siew Wan decided to use her ultimate technique, her through-the-heart kick. With a few flowery moves to distract the opponent, she used her right thrust-kick at Mui Chooi Fa’s chest. But Miu Chooi Fa was ready for the kick. She adroitly moved her body to her left side and simultaneously step at Li Siew Wan’s standing left knee using the pattern “White Crane Steps on Snow”.

Li Siew Wan fell on the floor of the lei-tai, and Mui Chooi Fa immediately moved in with a finishing technique, a palm strike on the opponent’s head using the pattern “Tai San Ngat Ting” (or “Tai Mountain on Top”). Just as she was about to execute the palm strike, she remembered Chan Yuk Shi’s words, “duel after duel, when will this end?” She recalled that Li Siew Wan was actually a pitiful woman.

Miu Chooi Fa jumped away using the pattern “Move Body Little Jump”. Then she jumped down the lei-tai and walked away.

Wong Kiew Kit,
9th January 2018, Sungai Petani




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Fierce Tiger Spring Claws

“Fierce Tiger Springs Claws” during the Essence of Shaolin course

When Fong Sai Yuk arrived at the lei-tai, or stage for kungfu combat, Li Siew Wan was already waiting.

“I am Fong Sai Yuk. Why did you invite me for a lei-tai match?”

“Fong Sai Yuk,” Li Siew Wan replied, “My husband and you had no hatred. Why did you ‘deliver you poison-hand’ (which means ‘kill him’)?”

Fong Sai Yuk laughed coldly. “How can you say this? Sifu Looi set up the lei-tai to challenge heroes of the world. If there are death or injury, it is the will of heaven. No one can blame another. Not only this, those who died under Sifu Looi’s hands, whom would their wives ask for revenge?”

Li Siew Wan was furious but could not answer. She went straight at Fong Sai Yuk with an eagle-claw. Fong Sai Yuk warded off the attack, and pierced a finger-thrust at her with the pattern “Soon Yang Thrusts Sword”.

(“Soon Yang” is one of the eight Taoist immortals. Another of his name was Zhong Pin, and his surname was “Lu”. Lu Soon Yang or Lu Zhong Pin was famous for his sword.)

Li Siew Wan jumped over Fong Sai Yuk with the pattern “La Char Flies in Heaven”. (La Char is a child-god, and the son of the Heavenly King, Li Ching, who carries a pagoda.) Before Fong Sai Yuk could turn around, she moved forward and struck his back with the pattern “Wu Song Opens Window”. (Wu Song was a warrior in the Song Dynasty famous for killing a fierce tiger.)

Fong Sai Yuk heard a sound from behind. He bent forward and executed with his left leg a sideway tiger-tail kick using the pattern, “Fierce Tiger Stretches Waist”. Most people would be hit by the tiger-tail kick, which was one of the no-shadow kicks. But Li Siew Wan was skillful in kungfu, without moving her feet, she slanted her body backward to avoid the tiger-tail kick, and simultaneously caught Fong Sai Yuk’s leg with the pattern “Two Tigers Subdue a Dragon”. She would have moved forward to execute a coup de grace.

But Fong Sai Yuk was not worried. He placed his hands on the ground and shot off his right foot at Li Siew Wan’s front leg in a pattern called “Crane Dances in Clouds”. (In our school this pattern is called “Fierce Tiger Springs Claws”.) Li Siew Wan was excellent in kungfu. She jumps back to avoid the second kick.

The two combatants had many exchanges on the lei-tai, each knowing the other was highly skilled in kungfu. They fought like comet chasing the moon, every technique was executed with precision like breeze flowing though clouds.

While using his hands to engage the opponent’s hands, Fong Sai Yuk lifted his left leg to kick at the lower body of Li Siew Wan using the pattern “White Crane Flaps Wings”. But Li Siew Wan did not defend against the kick. She shifted her body slightly to her left and with her right thrust-kick executed “White Horse Presents Hoof” at Fong Sai Yuk’s chest, using the tactic of “no defence direct counter”.

Fong Si Yuk could not avoid the attack. He was kicked at his chest and fell more than ten feet backward, lying motionlessly on the lei-tai. Members from the Guangdong Association rushed up the stage to carry Fong Sai Yuk away.

“You have sustained internal injury and will die,” Li Siew Wan called after him. “This ‘chuin sam thui’ (which means ‘through-the-heart kick”) is my ultimate technique.”

Wong Kiew Kit,
9th January 2018, Sungai Petani




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Guangzhou, or Canton.

At sunset, gentle breeze blew, and the sounds of frogs and insects sounded. People of all walks of life returned home. In the day time, some were farmers, some were traders and craftsmen, some were actors and artists, and of various occupations. But at night they were all brothers of Hoong Moon (Cantonese pronounciation), or Dynamic Gate, a secret society dedicated to the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty.

Within a few years, Hoong Moon grew to be a gigantic organization but with great secrecy and strict rules. At night members gathered at clan halls and temples to discuss how to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. Where these secret members gathered was known as Hoong Fa Ting, or Pavilion of Red Flowers.

The inner chamber of Hoong Fa Ting was known as Choong Yi Tong, or Hall of Royalty and Righteousness. Royalty here referred not to being royal to the government, which was the Qing Dynasty, but being royal to overthrowing the Qing or Manchu and restoring the previous Ming Dynasty, which comprised the Han Chinese. Although China today includes Manchuria, the home of the Manchus, at that time “Chinese” meant Han Chinese, who lived in China proper. What the West regards as the Chinese language, is referred to in China today as the Han language.

That night, after gathering at Hoong Fa Ting, or Pavilion of Red Flowers, the Big Brother, or leader of the secret society asked its members to stay. He announced that he had received intelligence that Looi Hoong, known as Tiger Looi, the Chief Instructor of the army at Hangzhou, had set up a lei-tai, or stage for kungfu combat, with two huge banners announcing “A punch strikes the whole province of Guangdong” and “A leg kicks the two districts of Suzhou and Hangzhou”, which was a great insult to all present. The leader also said that Looi Hoong had killed many challengers.

Miu Chooi Fa, who was present at the gathering, was alarmed. She told the leader that her husband and her son had gone to Hangzhou. As her son, Fong Sai Yuk, was young, he might have caused trouble. So she said she would go to Hangzhou at once to find out the situation there as well as to see her husband and son.

As Miu Chooi Fa was the daughter of Miu Hin, the Plucking-Star Lohan, she was much respected in Hoong Moon, or the gigantic secret society. The leader agreed and ordered two trusted followers to accompany her. But Miu Chooi Fa declined, saying that she was used to traveling alone, and the followers might be a hindrance instead of help.

When Miu Chooi Fa arrived at Guangdong Association in Hangzhou, people were celebrating the victory of Fong Sai Yuk over Looi Hoong.

Chan Yuk Shi, the director of the association, invited Fong Tuck and Fong Sai Yuk to be guests of honour at the celebration dinners.

Chan Yuk Shi loudly announced, “This time the great insult felt by all Cantonese will not be erased if not for the great valour and ability of Young Master Fong, and all those masters who met Looi Hoong would have died in vain. This great victory can really become the talk for thousands of years. Unfortunately I am not talented and unable to repay this kindness. I can only offer a few tables of diluted wine to show my gratitude. All present please lift up your glasses to toast to Mr Fong and his Young Master Fong to thank them for allowing all Cantonese to release a sigh from our mouth.”

Everyone was very happy, and full of praises for Fong Sai Yuk. Fong Sai Yuk had never seen such a scene, and was full of pride. He drank all the wine in his cup and everyone applauded.

Just then a messenger came with a massage for Fong Sai Yuk. It was an invitation to another lei-tai match from Li Siew Wan, the wife of Looi Hoong.

Fong Sai Yuk was agitated.

Chan Yuk Shi said, “Everyone has seen the skills of Young Master’s kungfu. But if Li Siew Wan does not have ability beyond other people, she would not dare to meet Young Master at a lei-tai to test one’s kungfu. I suggest it is best that Young Master declines the invitation so as not to take this risk. Otherwise, before one wave subsides, another wave arises. Duel after duel, where can it end?”

“You’re worried that I may suddenly ‘lose hand’ (i.e. fail), and lose my reputation,” replied Fong Sai Yuk. But it is my honour to accept the challenge, otherwise people will laugh at me.”

“Yes, it’s an honour to accept the lei-tai challenge,” Mui Chooi Fa added, “but you must take precaution and wear a protection shield which I have brought along.” Mui Chooi Fa showed the protection shield which was made of light but very hard material, and protected the chest area of a wearer’s body.

Wong Kiew Kit,
8th January 2018, Sungai Petani