Grandmaster Wong Kiew KitThe Way of the Master, written by my Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, is now officially launched.

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Please enjoy one of the memorable stories from my Sifu’s book below:


Introduction to Shaolin Kungfu

Joan and me at our chi kung course in Ireland

The Gap of Dunloe which Joan took me to visit was not only exquisite but also provided us with another uncanny experience. While driving up a winding road admiring a glistering stream on one side and a steep mountain slope on the other, both Joan and I saw a most beautiful white horse completely dressed up in ceremonial attire trotting gracefully towards us. There was a bent between us and the most beautiful white horse.

“Joan,” I said, “Let’s stop the car here and admire the beautiful white horse as it passes us.”

Joan pulled the car to a side of the road and we waited. We expected the horse to negotiate the bent and pass us in two or three minutes. But about five minutes passed by but the horse did not arrive.

We waited for another five minutes but the horse did not pass us. We waited for about five more minutes but we did not see any white horse.

“Perhaps the beautiful horse has stopped before the bent,” I suggested. “Let us drive up the road to see it.”

We drove slowly and carefully forward, passed the bent and expected to see the horse. But the horse was not there. The scene before us was open and we could see everything clearly from inside Joan’s car. But to be doubly sure, we alighted from the car and examined the surrounding carefully.

We looked down the slope on our left and saw the glistering stream with bare rocks and some patches of green in between, but there was no beautiful white horse ceremonially dressed. We looked up the slope on our right side and clearly saw the top of the slope reaching to the sky with bare rocks and some patches of green in between, but there was also no beautiful white horse ceremonially dressed.

It was also clear that due to the difficulty of the terrain, horses would not go down or up the slopes. Even if one did for any odd reason, it could be clearly seen in the open environment.

“It’s really strange,” I remarked, “Where have the beautiful white horse gone to?”

“It’s mystifying,” Joan commented, “But it may not be surprising. There’s a legend of the Gap of Dunloe connected to a beautiful white horse.”

I was intrigued. “We’re very fortunate.”

“Indeed, we’re very fortunate, sifu. It is believed that only on very auspicious occasions the legendary magnificent and regal white horse would appear.”

Indeed it was a very auspicious occasion. It was the start of our Shaolin Wahnam Institute and the wonderful benefits of our arts to the lovely Irish people.

Classic of Shaolin Kungfu

At the Gap of Dunloe where Joan and I were very lucky to see a most beautiful mystical white horse

You can read more stories at our Discussion Forum.

Here are details to order the special and limited edition. This edition will not be reprinted once it is sold out.


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