How Has Chi Kung and Shaolin Wahnam Changed My Life – Sifu Antonio Colarusso

Antonio Colarusso

Shaolin Wahnam Instructor and President or Chief Executive Officer
of 2 International and 10 National Companies

Antonio Colarusso

Sifu Antonio Colarusso

The following testimonial is reproduced from the thread How Has Chi Kung and the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Changed my Life started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 6th January 2009.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today, while having a wonderful vacation far away from home and during a very special dinner with my family in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, I felt the need to write a letter to Sigung and to my Sifus. The urge to write came because I am feeling so happy these days. I am enjoying a special state of meditative thinking and a sense of gratitude that is covering my complete body. So I decided that instead of writing a private email, I will post a thread in our special Virtual Kwoon. This sensation of gratitude and happiness, I can only recall having felt this way once before, and that was during the iItensive Chi Kung Course in beautiful Kota Kinabalu.

It was like a film of 10 thousand pictures going 100 miles per hour in front of my eyes, seeing everything that has happened to me, to my family and to the people who work for me in my companies since I began practicing Chi Kung and Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan.

Every image on that film brought me tears of happiness to my eyes, remembering how my attitude towards life has changed, the connection I was able to reestablish with my dad and my two kids, the many projects I have created. All of these blessings came into my life because of my involvement with the SWI. I have been able to be more serene, more relaxed, happier, loving, more aware and more centered. All these conditions brought me a new sense of being in what I called the ZONE, which for me is to be able to be in FOCUS and with a clear objective to be achieved.

As I said before, I felt a need to write how I feel, to send my gratitude to Sigung, to Sifu Piti, to Sifu Rama and to all Members of the SWI Family. This incredible family who have helped me become a better human being… a better person in all senses of the word. The teachings I have received from all of you have helped me facilitate a big change in my organization. These changes have affected over 600 direct workers and more that 3,500 indirect workers. It has also allowed me to raise their standard of living in a country were more than 89% of the population are in extreme poverty.

Guan Yin Bodhisattva

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Antonio Colarussa in Sabah under the loving care of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Golden Boy and Jade Girl

It is through these lines that I am able to give some of the gratitude back to my Sigung and to my Sifus. They have helped me all these years and are still contributing with my development through the teachings and practice of the Shaolin Arts, that in terms have helped many people who have decided and have taken the big step to become Healthy, to have more Vitality and to experience the greatness of Spiritual Joy.

It has been more than three years now since I started practicing Chi Kung… but being able to open up a closed heart. To see and feel the suffering around me but also the happiness that is in front of my own eyes has changed my attitude towards life. The balance to grow in knowledge, compassion and power has allowed me to become free, happy and to enjoy LIFE.

I canot thank you enough; you gave me another sense, another direction, to my own life. I now enjoy having a clearer direction in my life’s goal. The decision making process is more tranquil, more serene, with less fears and distractions.

You have set you destiny in a novel cause and I will always Thank Kuan Shi Yin Pusat, Si Tai Kung Ho, Si Tai Kung Lai, all of the pasts masters, Sigung, Sifu Rama and specially Sifu Piti for allowing me become a part of this family.

With respect and gratitude

Antonio Colarusso
Shaolin Wahnam Venezuala
Thoughts create reality

Intensive Taijiquan Course, Penang 2008Sifu Piti, Dr Riccardo Salvetore, Sifu Rama, Andres and Sifu Antonio at the Intensive Taijqian Course of September 2008 in Penang