Cosmos Chi Kung – Cleansing at Many Levels

Cosmos Chi Kung – Cleansing at many levels
by Sifu Barry Smale – Instructor,  Shaolin Wahnam England

Cosmos Chi Kung is a high-level form of Chi Kung. One effect of this is that cleansing takes place at a number of levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Recently, having been teaching a number of beginner students, I have noticed something interesting. Even though people can hear and understand the concept, they can have trouble understanding the implications.

One thing Sifu often says is that if you have an old physical injury then, when you are in chi flow, you may notice “good pain” in that area. This is the Chi moving and cleansing blockages. When I explain that to early students they are nearly always happy and reassured if any discomfort arises during their practice as they see it as a sign of cleansing.

However, they are often less happy if they notice old thoughts or emotions arise or if physical or other discomfort comes up that seems to have no origin.

Really, there is no need for surprise or disturbance. The principle at the emotional, mental or spiritual level is the same as at the physical. If there is a blockage, you may notice some “pushing through” occuring. With physical injury you may notice that at the original site. So, the same is true at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

If you find that things arise in chi flow – emotions of any kind (from joy through to sadness and despair), thoughts of any kind (from “good” to “bad” or “disturbing”), or any strange mind/body manifestation – then the best way of handling them is to just “let go”. Maybe even at some point be grateful an unhelpful blockage is being cleared. You don’t need to worry or intellectualise about what it is.

Many of you will have heard Sifu or your instructor say “very good, carry on”. It means what is says. You don’t need to worry or intellectualise about what arises during chi flow. I found these words to be invaluable during some stages of my practice. To be able to accept that sometimes there would be “good discomfort” during my practice but that it was doing me good. Remember, at the end of every session you come to stillnes and then get on with the rest of your day.

Obviously, if something difficult persists, or you feel cloudy or troubled at the end of practice, then check with Sifu or your instructor. But don’t be surprised if they suggest you are holding onto an unhelpful idea or unnecessary intellectualistion.

So, really a simple idea. When cleansing is taking place it might “wake up” the site of blockage/injury. That happens at the level of emotions, thought and spirit, not just physical. So, allow what comes to come, trust in the art and your teacher, and do your best to enjoy the process.

With metta,



1 thought on “Cosmos Chi Kung – Cleansing at Many Levels

  1. amandah


    this is the first day of my cleanse.
    my ankles,for the last week have felt achey,you know they feel like they are swollen,though don’t look it.since starting the cleanse today they ache even more and the ache is going up the front of my legs.
    so I am relaxing in bed,reading this helped me know to just allow it to flow,I am a dancer,I may take a dance shortly and dance through it.
    even if only a little while.the first part of my cleanse is 7 days.
    my mind is all over the place,I am centred,I am calmed.
    thankyou for this article xx


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