Private Classes Available

I will be offering private Kung Fu classes for 2 times every week per month, at 1 hour per class. We can arrange for a suitable venue and time as needed. The material covered will include Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung and Kung Fu, from the basic fundamentals to intermediate level. With private instructions, I can match the course to your level of development and progress. As a prerequisite, please read the Ten Shaolin Laws. The classes will be ongoing. Within a year you should be able to have good Shaolin forms, have an understanding of its philosophy and applications, and have internal force. You can leave the private class at any time, but if you want to maximize your training it is best to attend the classes until you have reached a sufficient level.

My fees are currently at RM2,000.00 per month. The classes are ongoing training classes where you will receive personal guidance and instruction from me. You will be getting personal instructions from a practitioner of a high level, advanced art.

Why the reason for the high price? My school, Shaolin Wahnam, is proud to be one of the few remaining genuine Shaolin schools that still teach Kung Fu with a holistic approach. We know how to apply our Shaolin Kung Fu patterns and forms in combat situations. We do not use kickboxing and technics borrowed from other arts. We use our forms and patterns as taught in combat situations. The combative skills covered include:

  • Striking
  • Kicking
  • Felling
  • Gripping
  • Against Multiple Attackers
  • Weapons

At the spiritual level we aim for mind expansion and cultivation. Note that Shaolin Kung Fu is not religious and my Wahnam family includes highly skilled practitioners from many faiths.

In addition I will be sharing with you in my classes what were considered Kung Fu secrets by traditional Kung Fu masters of the past. Most of the secrets that I will be sharing are Kung Fu application related. These secrets were only passed down from Master to inner chamber disciples, but which are now open secrets because of my School’s drive to keep the essence of Kung Fu alive. In fact, just do a search on my Sifu’s website at and you will see a wealth of information available there.

Lastly, I want my students to be committed to the practise. Charge too low and some people won’t take their training seriously. In the past masters would often test a potential student’s diligence and perseverance by making him do chores and basic training for years. In this modern age, money is a poor substitute but it is sufficient to see that one is dedicated enough to the arts. Also, I do not want the arts to be passed down to gangsters and other malcontents of society. The Shaolin arts were reserved for generals, emperors and the elite in the past.

However, if you do not have the financial means but can prove that you are a dedicated and worthy student, then I can consider revising the fee.

I am also considering conducting regular classes once there is sufficient demand. If you are interested in a regular class, please send me an email.

You can contact me at