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(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/answers/ans15b/sep15-3.html)

chi kung, qigong

All my students are deserving. I do not want to waste my time on undeserving students

Question 1

I am re-sending this email since I haven’t heard from you, and I know you are likely very busy.

I could not find a Parkinson’s and/or Alzheimer’s testimonial per se on your website. Do you have anyone who healed who might be willing to talk to my dad about their healing with you? He would be moved I am sure by speaking with people who healed.

— Elizabeth, USA


I received your previous e-mail but I thought of not replying because you or your father would probably find my reply harsh, though in many cases I had to be harsh to be kind. Nevertheless, I would reply to your questions, implied or directly asked.

Here is the harsh answer.

I do not want to waste my time on people who themselves do not want to be healed. If they apply for my course, I would reject them as I consider them undeserving.

All the testimonials on my website are from grateful people who wrote to thank me on their own record. There are actually many more testimonials sent to me than I placed in my website.

If there are so many testimonials from people recovering from diseases more serious than Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, a sensible sick person suffering from a so-called incurable disease would not want to miss this golden opportunity to be healed. If he does not want to risk being a fool for a few days but prefer to be a fool for life, that is his business. I am not foolish enough to waste my time finding someone to speak to him. Even if I did, he would say he didn’t believe.

Whether he believes in the many testimonials is his right, but to me it is insulting. I don’t need to invent testimonials to trick people to seek healing from me. In fact I don’t like healing, but I do so as a duty. That was one main reason why now I do not offer personalized healing course even some people offer to pay me a lot of money — much, much more, I believe, than what your father could dream to pay me.

Question 2

Do you keep track of people after they left your workshops, to know how many healed and kept up with practice?


No, I don’t keep such records. i expect them to be healed if they follow my simple instruction of practicing the lowest level of what they have learned in an Intensive Chi Kung Course for about 15 minutes twice a day, and in reality they were healed. Frankly I have lost count. There were literally thousands of them.

chi kung, qigong

From the chi kung perspective, every illness can be overcome

Question 3

In my experience, for my dad to heal, he will have to do qi gong, work with his mental habits, diet, and exercise his hands, voice, body, as they are all deeply weakened. Or would the 30 minutes of qi gong a day be all he needed in terms of physical exercise too, for all of the atrophied areas? Or would he also need to do other physical activities, in your opinion?


What you think is also what many people think. That was one reason why I suspected that you have been practicing chi kung techniques not as chi kung but as gentle physical exercise.

Even more people believe that such diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Lyme’s Disease as incurable. Not many people have a chance to be exposed to high level chi kung that overcomes these diseases.

People suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or any disease needs to practice the lowest level of what he has learned from my Intensive Chi Kung Course about 15 minutes per session twice a day. They do not have to do anything else, like doing other exercises or taking other medication. In fact I would prefer them not to do other exercises or take other medication, because just practicing the chi kung exercise prescribed for them is sufficient.

They are also advised to practice the higher-level chi kung exercises only once a while to maintain their skills of practicing them. They should not practice them often as these exercises are too powerful.

Question 4

I have told my dad that really, given how ill he is, he might best view healing as a full or part time job so that he can hope to have a good quality of life again. But he followed the American dream of working at a job he disliked to make money to have savings in retirement, to then enjoy life, and then alas, he developed Parkinson’s right before retirement.

His mind is so bitter and he is so fused with his attitude that he deserves to do nothing because he worked so hard during his work life, that he is failing to see the truth that by doing nothing, he is actually losing everything, for he hasn’t the health to enjoy his retirement.


Your advice is wise, but your father is foolish. In the first place, he should not work on a job he did not like. And when he became ill, he should do something to get well. To be healthy is natural.

good health and fitness

Practicing genuine chi kung gives you good health and fitness

Question 5

However, truly, the man is definitely capable and willing to do 30 minutes a day. He has been forlorn by everyone’s assertions around him that he must devote hours a day to his health including qi gong, diet, exercise, voice exercises, hand exercises, etc. Until now, I have made those assertions to him too. I am hoping that somehow miraculously he can be really well with just 30 minutes a day.


Whether your father will practice 30 minutes a day is his business, and I am not interested in his business. I am also not interested to teach undeserving students.

Have you and those who assert that your father must devote hours a day to chi kung, diet, exercise, voice exercises, hand exercises, etc healed anyone suffering from Parkinson’s Disease?

I have healed countless people suffering from so-called incurable illness, including Parkinson’s Disease, and I have said that practicing the chi kung taught by me without doing any other exercises or treatment is enough. It is your and your father’s right whether to follow my advice.

Question 6

I saw videos of one of your students who did heal back pain, but she looked rather overweight and unfit. I do not know how to gauge health with being unfit.


Obviously you know little about health and fitness, regardless of whether you admit it, or else you won’t be suffering from Lyme’s Disease for about 30 years.

cosmic shower

Students at an Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah enjoying a Cosmic Shower

Question 7

In Parkinson’s and Lymes, and I would say all neuro-degenation, many things are at play including emotional traumas, genetic detox deficiencies, stealth infections, heavy metal toxicities, methylation issues, gut issues, etc. etc. etc. Do you think people can heal with the 30 minutes of qi gong a day if they are not doing other active things to heal their bodies like getting the heavy metals out, eating a gut-healing diet, addressing mineral deficits, etc. etc.?


You speak as if you were an expert on Parkinson’s Disease and Lyme’s Disease, though you and your father have suffered from these diseases for years. I have helped many people overcome these diseases, and have said that practicing my chi kung 15 minutes twice a day is sufficient, yet you continue asking me the same question.

Many people, including professionals, give advice on how to deal with problems when they are the ones who have been suffering from these problems, and a lot of people listen to them. It is notorious, for example, that psychologists are amongst the most who suffer from psychological problems, but a lot of people listen to their advice on psychology. A lot of people take advice from marriage counselors, regardless of how may times these marriage counselors were divorced.

Question 8

What is the difference between cleansing using Bone-Marrow Cleansing and using Cosmic Shower?

— Matt, England


Cleansing using Bone-Marrow Cleansing is specific, whereas using Cosmic Shower is holistic.

In the art of Bone-Marrow Cleansing practiced in our school, cleansing operates specifically at five levels, namely the levels of the skin, the flesh, the meridians, the internal organs and the bone marrow, which includes the nerves.

In Cosmic Shower, cosmic energy flows down the body from the head in all directions to the feet, clearing away physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockage on the way.

Besides cleansing, these two arts can also be used for strengthening.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at secretary@shaolin.org stating your name, country and e-mail address.



(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/answers/ans15b/sep15-1.html)


My job is my hobby, giving good health and happiness to people, and it enables me to travel all over the world

Question 1

May I ask you please if you have any advice for me in getting a good job? I’m always trying to improve and I would be grateful for any insight you can share.

— Sifu Michael Chow, Canada


Many people have kindly told me that my advice on getting a good job or on starting a business is better than what they studied at a prestigious university like Harvard, or from their MBA programme.

Many people grab the first job they can get. This does not usually bring good rewards, to himself or his boss. Others examine their qualifications and abilities, and get a job that .qualifies these requirements. This is more reasonable, but it is not what I advice you to do.

By the fact that you are not only a Shaolin Wahnam student but an instructor, you are elite, and elite people do elite things, not common things like looking for a job or business limited by their qualifications.

It is legitimate to ask how could one do a job well if he is not qualified to do it. I never suggest that you don’t qualify for a job. I say that you choose a job you like, and then qualify yourself to do the job well.

I had this concept long ago, at the time when I was running Shaolin Wahnam Association. I discussed a few proposals for the Association with the Chairman, who was (and still is) a very successful businessman and millionaire. The Chairman liked my proposals, but he pointed out a number of problems.

I told him that the question was whether the proposals were noble and rewarding, for the Association and other people, and if they were we would carry them out, irrespective of the problems, and overcome the problems as we come to them. The Chairman was very impressed with my concept, remarking that had I put it into business I would be very successful.

Here are some factors regarding your job that you should consider:

  1. Whether it is noble. One may earn a lot of money stealing trade secrets from other companies, but I don’t consider the job noble.

  2. Whether it will bring you the type of income you want. It is noble working as a volunteer in a hospital, but it does not bring me the income I want.

  3. Whether you like the job. This is important. If you cannot do what you like, at least you must like what you do.

  4. Whether you still have free time to spend with your parents, friends or hobbies. There are other enjoyable and important things in life besides doing a job well.

  5. Whether it is necessary to invest a lot of time and money to learn the job. If you want to be a doctor, you need to spend many years studying in a university. To be a chi kung healer helping patients overcome so-called incurable diseases needs less time. When you are equally successful, you earn more money than a doctor and have more free time.

  6. Whether there is leverage in your job. As a doctor or healer, you treat one patient at a time. As a teacher you can teach one hundred students at the same time.

  7. Whether you are limited by location and clients. If you are a car mechanic, your area of operation and potential clients are localized. If you are a computer consultant, you area of operation and potential clients are world-wide.

So, instead of looking for a particular job, you look for jobs that fulfill these considerations well. When you get the job you want, qualify yourself to do the job well. It is well known that many successful people do not do the job they prepared themselves for at university. They learned doing the job well while doing it.

For elite people in Shaolin Wahnam like you, it really does not matter what job you do, yet you can do it well. You can be very successful and enjoy your job, for example, as a pencil salesman or scientific report writer even when you know little about pencils and science!

But you have to do your job well and enjoy it. You must also ensure that the money that goes to your company or your boss as a result of doing your job is more than the money it or he pays you for doing it. This is our honour, and it also contributes to our job satisfaction.

Question 2

Can an elderly person heal from Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s/Lyme’s Disease by coming only once for the 3 days to Malaysia, and then continuing practice at home? Or does it involve having to return there for additional courses or treatments?

— Elizabeth, USA


Yes, any person, including an elderly one, can be healed from Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s/Lyme’s Disease by coming only once for the 3-day Intensive Chi Kung Course in Malaysia and then continuing to practice at home.

It is unlikely that the patient will be healed during the course itself. He has to continue practicing at home for about 15 minutes in the morning and another about 15 minutes in the evening or at night.

It takes about 6 months of daily practice to be healed of the disease. There is no need to return for additional course or treatment. However, there is no guarantee that the patient will certainly be healed, as recovery depends on other factors too, like whether the patient continues to practice. Many people have been healed in this way.

intensive chi kung course

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Question 3

Do you teach additional levels of qi gong to those interested?


Yes, there are additional courses taught by me for those who are interested.

But you and your father need not attend more courses if you do not want to. The Intensive Chi Kung Course will be more than enough. In fact, for overcoming pain and illness, just the first day of the course will be sufficient. The second day focuses on peak performance, and the third day on spiritual cultivation irrespective of religion.

It may be hard for some people to believe, but it is true that the Intensive Chi Kung Course ranges from beginners’ level to masters’ level in just three days. Many masters may not be able to perform some of the skills taught at the course, like directing energy to various parts of the body, and tapping energy from the Cosmos.

Question 4

For someone who wants to completely heal from such an intense disease, how many hours a day should he expects to practice?


He should practice for only about 15 minutes a session, and two sessions a day, once in the morning and another time in the evening or at night. The exercises are simple to perform, and students usually enjoy practicing them.

In fact it is not advisable for students to practice more than twice a day, about 15 minutes a session, because the energy produced is quite powerful.

Bone Marrow Cleansing

A Bone Marrow Cleansing course in England

Question 5

Do you know of anyone in the United States trained by you who achieve the same results with Parkinsons/Alzheimers/Lyme Disease? I do not know that my father will travel. I hope he would, but I do not know. Travel is very hard on him.


We have some very good instructors and healers in the United States and many countries trained by me. These instructors and healers have produced good results. Please see our lists of Certifed Instructors and Chi Kung Healers for details.

If your father wants not only to be free from his illness but also to have good health and vitality, he has to travel to Malaysia to take my course or to consult our certified instructors or healers. It is his choice — to remain at home and suffer from a so-called incurable disease for life, or to make some effort and be healthy and have vitality and longevity.

Question 6

For myself, are there any scholarships available? I have been ill with Lyme disease from 18 to now 46, and have gone medically bankrupt, am on Medicare/disability for pain/cogitive issues/depression. I am getting better, and I still have a long way to go.


We do not provide scholarships.

I am sorry to hear of your health conditions.

I would strongly recommend you to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. You will be surprised at the good health and vitality you will get as a result. The testimonials at http://www.shaolin.org/general/table-comments.html may be an inspiration for you.

chi flow

There is no need to learn from me for an extended period. Practicing energy flow learned from me at any course would enable you to overcome pain and illness.

Question 7

Because of this, I am wondering if I can train with you for a long period of time. Do you ever have students move there or stay residentially? If so, what is the cost?


It is not necessary for you to train with me for a long period of time. You just have to attend the Intensive Chi Kung Course for three days. But it is important that you need to continue to practice on your own.

For the purpose of good health and vitality, even if you can remember only one-tenth of what you will learn at the course, but you continue to practice it daily, it will be sufficient. Like many things in our school, it is incredible but true.

Question 8

Is there a way to go to the qi gong workshop myself, and then go to my father, and transmit qi to him/teach him, in case he will not come?


No, you should not do that. It may bring harm to you and your father. Worse of all, it debases qigong to some form of gentle physical exercise, which actually has happened. More than 80% of qigong practitioners today all over the world actually practice gentle physical exercise though they honestly think it is qigong.

One has to be properly trained to be a healer. It is not just to attend a course and then teach or heal others.

It is also not what types of exercises a person practices to heal himself. If this were true, there would not be so many sick people in the world today.

It is the skills of practicing the exercises that is important. Students can acquire the skills in three days because I transmit the skills to them. If they develop the skills on their own, it would take them a few years if they ever succeed.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at secretary@shaolin.org stating your name, country and e-mail address.