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Shaolin Kungfu

Practicing genuine kungfu is an excellent way to enhance vitality, including sexual vitality


I am getting married in a few months time. I am also practising Taijiquan. I’m concerned about my ‘marital duties’ being affected by not wanting to lose jing.

Wan, Singapore

Answer by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Your concern is unnecessary and built upon wrong concepts. For you and your needs, as for most normal people, it is not only unharmful to lose “jing” or semen in the course of carrying out your marital duties, which fortunately are pleasurable to carry out, it is actually natural, beneficial and the right thing to do. As a husband it is your duty to love and care for your wife, which includes providing semen to fertilize her ovum so that she can fulfill her role as a mother. All great teachings, including Taoism, advocate this.

In the provision of semen you should do so in a most loving and joyful way, caring for her well being, and not selfishly worrying whether you would lose energy. If you have the urge and ability to make love, Mother Nature has ensured you have sufficient energy for this purpose. Indeed, the reverse can be harmful. Withholding ejaculation when Nature wants you to release, is unnatural.

There is also nothing in Taijiquan that advocates withholding ejaculation. Throughout history Taijiquan and other kungfu masters have had many children — fathered by the masters themselves. There has been no mentioned at all that fathering a child, evidence of ejaculation, would make a martial artist less healthy or less efficient.

Tai Chi Chuan

Throughout history Taijiquan and other kungfu masters have had many children — fathered by the masters themselves


Reproduced from Questions 2 in the September 2001 Part 1 issue of the Question-Answer Series.


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