The Many Benefits of Lifting the Sky

  1. It is easy to perform, yet the benefits are wonderful
  2. It is hard to make mistakes, yet results come quickly.
  3. At a physical level, it is an excellent exercise to stretch myself and to have a good posture.
  4. At an energy level, it generates an overall energy flow.
  5. At a mind level, it leads quickly to relaxation and to enter into a chi kung state of mind.
  6. It is convenient to get energy flowing, or to accumulate energy, for healing purposes.
  7. It is convenient to cleanse myself after healing somebody.
  8. It is a convenient method to generate a vigorous chi flow to cleans injury just cased.
  9. It is a useful exercise to start any physical or mental activity, as well as to conclude it.
  10. Its benefits range from the very basic to the most advanced.

Lifting the Sky is a wondrous exercise in Shaolin Wahnam.

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