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(reproduced from http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?12178-First-Shaolin-Wahnam-Poetry-Contest&p=129954#post129954)

Dear Family and Friends,

With the blessing and support of our Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, I am very pleased to announce The First Shaolin Wahnam Poetry Contest.

All Shaolin Wahnam Members and Friends are invited to submit their poems on the theme of “Changes” to the thread Entitled “First Poetry Contest Submissions”(link) on our Virtual Kwoon, starting now until September 28th.

To be considered for prizes, non-English-language poems should be translated into English. The panel of judges will be composed of Sifus Joan Browne, Mark Blohm, Adam Kryder, and myself.

Most excitingly, to encourage many people to have fun and participate, Sifu has offered two wonderful prizes, as follows.

Grand Prize: A Complimentary Intensive Course, or a full series of Regional Courses with Grandmaster Wong.

Translation Prize: A complimentary regional course with Grandmaster Wong, for the best non-English poem in translation.

Edit: Just added:

Second Prize: Three Complimentary Regional Courses
Third Prize: Two Complimentary Regional Courses

(Note: All poems submitted in English, or translated to English, will be considered for the Grand Prize. The Translation Prize is to encourage non-English speakers who may feel they are at a disadvantage)

Enjoy Yourselves Writing Poetry!



Sifu Charles Chalmers – Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Canada

Stop the Presses! Now Even More Prizes!

Dear Family and Friends,

As if Sifu’s generosity and spirit of scholarship were not already amazing, there are now additional prizes as follows.

Rather than a single prize for best non-English poem there will be A prize for each Non-English section of the forum in which there are three or more entries. The prize for each language group will be One Complimentary Regional Course.

So, to be clear, potentially we could see prizes for:

Best Chinese Poem in Translation
Best French Poem in Translation
Best German Poem in Translation
Best Japanese Poem in Translation
Best Spanish Poem in Translation
Best Russian Poem in Translation
Best Italian Poem in Translation

and as before, those poems are eligible also for the Grand Prize.

Keep your pencils sharp!



Sifu Charles Chalmers – Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Canada