(reproduced from http://shaolin.org/general/legends-of-southern-shaolin/legends04.html)

Fierce Tiger Crouches on Ground

While the crowd was quiet, another person flow up the stage like a big bird. The crowd noticed that he was a kungfu master from Canton named Li Foong San. The spectators cheered.

After registering his name in the register of the lei-tai, Li Foong San said to Looi Hoong.

“Today I come up the stage to take up your challenge is not because of the rewards, and also not because I want to avenge the dead. But I saw your cruelty and could not tolerate. I am sure you know that setting up the lei-tai is to meet capable persons of the world, and not use this excuse to kill people. Even when your art is better than other people’s, and really you are no-double in the world, you should appreciate heaven’s love for life. Against those weaker than you, just defeating them will do.

“Why must you kill him? Now he is dead, do you add any flesh to your body? Thinking of your intention, you are like an animal in human’s clothing. Today I come on stage is to employ my skills to consulate the ghost of the dead.”

After listening to this elucidation, not only was Looi Hoong not angry but he laughed out loudly.

“You know that lei-tai is the place for fighting, under fists and kicks, why is there mercy? Further, you also know that if I don’t hurt opponents, the opponents will hurt me. If I die under his fist, what would you say? Isn’t it that you will say I don’t know my limit, and openly give my life? Or you may say that my life is like that, and it is not his wrong?”

Li Foong San was surprised and did not know how to reply. Looi Hoong changed his facial feature, and continued.

“Like you without knowledge, don’t try to argue here. As you have come today, I shall act like your ancestors to teach you so that in future you will not blind your heart and blind your eyes.”

Immediately, Looi Hoong shouted, “See my technique!” He moved his right leg forward and used “Two Dragons Fight for Pearl” to attack the opponent’s eyes.

Li Foong San avoided the attack and immediately used “Throw Balls in Waves” to counter attack.

Looi Hoong saw the attack was aimed at his top and middle levels. So he used a bottom level to respond. When the attack was near, he squat down and tried to sweep Li Foong San’s front stance so that the opponent would fall down the lei-tai. This technique was “surprised by gods and feared by ghosts”, and was known as “Reverse Planting of Willows”. (In our school, this pattern is called “Firece Tiger Crouches on Ground”.)

As soon as Looi Hoong squat down, Li Foong San retreated his front stance, and used his hand to sweep at the opponent. If Looi Hoong failed to avoid, his arm would be fractured. In this precarious moment, however, Looi Hoong was not alarmed. He bent his body and changed step, and simultaneously struck out his palm.

Li Foong San was ready. Before the palm strike arrived, he had changed technique. The two combatants, one like wild wind swept leaves, and the other like a fierce tiger jumped across stream, fought on the lei-tai like dusts blown by breeze. It was difficult to explain and difficult to separate them, and they fought for life and death.

The spectators below moaned and sighed. They concluded that unless there was death, it would be difficult to differentiate the higher skills from the lower. The Cantonese groups of people cheered for Li Foong San.

On the lei-tai, the combatants exchanged many tens of encounters. Looi Hoong did not gain any advantage. His nature arose, his intention to kill was born, and he knew that Li Foong San’s kungfu was not ordinary, so he employed his “own door” ultimate technique – yin-yang kick.

This yin-yang kick was dangerous and extra-ordinary, and Looi Hoong “had accumulated essence and arose spirit” to train the ultimate technique for all his life, and had attained success after much “bitter training”. Whenever he met formidable opponents, there was not a single occasion he did not win with this ultimate technique.

Having decided on his intention, Looi Hoong used the tactic of “Majestic Hall Explain Many Things” to confuse Li Foong San’s eyesight. Then he used his ultimate technique of yin-yang kick, raising his leg to kick at his opponent with tremendous internal force.

Li Foong San could not avoid the attack. With a loud noise, like a kite that had snapped its thread, Li Foong San fell from the lei-tai. The Cantonese spectators rushed to save Li Foong San, who vomited blood. But he was dead.

Seeing the horrible death of Li Foong San, every Cantonese wanted to rush up the stage to fight Looi Hoong.

At that time a bell sounded, and Looi Hoong walked to the front of the lei-tai and thanked the spectators with a greeting. His students accompanied him to walk away.

Wong Kiew Kit,
8th January 2018, Sungai Petani




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