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Getting the Bride

Winning the Bride’s heart is more a battle of wits than a battle of might. So the Bridegroom, with the support of his warriors, sings a love song. This isn’t enough. He has to demonstrate his willingness to sacrifice for the Bride. He drinks an ominous-looking drink, which turns out to be something sweet. This isn’t enough. He is given another drink, but a Warrior gallantly drinks it for him, and it turns out to be sweet, sour, bitter and spicy all in one, symbolizing that the Bridegroom is willing to go through all difficulties for the Bride.

The Bride’s defenders ask on behalf of the bride what the Bridegroom is think of. What else besides, “I love you”. The Bridegroom also brings some gifts for the Bride’s defenders, all enclosed in a big red packet. Eventually the Bridegroom wins the Bride.

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