Lessons from ntensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

Kuala Lumpur, 18th to 22nd March 2015

Amongst the many important lessons learnt at the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu course from 16th to 22nd March 2015 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was using a kungfu combat sequence against an opponent of other martial arts. This is exactly what Grandmaster Wong has been advocating.

The video above showed this important lesson, which may be divided into the following 6 parts as follows:

  1. Joel using typical kungfu forms was at the mercy of Bernie who uses kick-boxing. This is what many of our students and some instructors do, despite advice to the contrary by our Grandmaster! It is no surprise, therefore, these students and instructors are badly beaten by other martial artists.
  2. Kang Jin used Shaolin techniques against Joel who acted as a kick-boxer. Although Kang Jin used a good kungfu technique to fell Joel at the end, this was not what the Grandmaster advised. Kang Jin used isolated kungfu techniques instead of a kungfu combat sequence to press into the opponent.
  3. The situation was now reversed. Joel used typical kungfu techniques against Kang Jin who acted as a kick-boxer. But Joel, like Kang Jin before, used kungfu techniques in isolation. Seeing Joel’s poor performance, Grandmaster Wong interrupted their sparring. Grandmaster Wong asked Joel to used the same kungfu techniques in a sequence instead of in isolation.
  4. The effect was immediate. Using the same techniques, but in a sequence instead of in isolation, Joel pressed Kang Jin to the curtained windows. This was exactly what Grandmaster Wong had been advocating all along.
  5. The next session between Leroy and Sean was interesting. Whenever Leroy applied a kungfu combat sequence on Sean who acted as an opponent using other martial arts, Sean had no chance. When the situation was reversed, whenever Sean applied a kungfu combat sequence on Leroy who acted as an opponent using other martial arts, Leroy had no chance. The reason was simple. The kungfu exponent applied his kungfu combat sequence so fluently that the opponent had no techniques in his repertoire to counter or had no time to counter. There was also a glimpse of Bernie applying a kungfu combat sequence on Pascal.
  6. There was a short session of Pascal using a kungfu technique to fell Sean. Then Barnie applied a simple combat sequence to press Kang Jin backward. This was the lesson Grandmaster Wong had been telling Shaolin Wahnam instructors and students to do, i.e. to press opponents of other martial arts with a well trained combat sequence. There was also a glimpse of Parveen who did what many people would consider impossible. She came with clutches a day before, but during the whole course she participated and sparred without clutches!

The invaluable lesson from this video is obvious. Practice a kungfu combat sequence well. Then just apply it on your opponents of other martial arts, taking care of safety first for yourself. Your opponents will have no time or no techniques in their repertoire to counter.

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