Kung Fu and Chi Kung Courses January – March 2014

New courses for Kung Fu Fundamentals Level 1 and Chi Kung wil start in the month of January. Please apply at shaolinwahnamkl@gmail.com. Please go to https://shaolinwahnammalaysia.com/kung-fu-classes/ and https://shaolinwahnammalaysia.com/chi-kung-classes/ for details. Kung Fu Classes for Young Adults will also commence in January 2014, please go to https://shaolinwahnammalaysia.com/kung-fu-classes-for-young-adults/.

There will be early bird offers for the first 20 students, so please register now:

Kung Fu for Adults – RM2,500.00 for 3 month course

Chi Kung – RM1,200.00 for 3 month course

Kung Fu for Young Adults – RM900.00 for 3 month course


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