All Healing Starts From the Heart

If the patient does not wish to get well in the heart, even though he or she may not realized it, then the patient will not get well.

One of the keys that makes chi kung so successful and effective in treating illnesses is because of one little easily overlooked fact: When doing any chi kung patterns such as lifting the sky, carrying the moon pr pushing mountains, it is very important to always start off with Smiling From the Heart.

I am not being trite. As my own Sifu said in his excellent book “Chi Kung For Health and Vitality“;

Give yourself a few seconds to feel relaxed. Then smile from your heart. Don’t worry how you do it; just do it. Just smile from your heart and feel, really feel, how relaxed, cheerful and happy you are. It is a big mistake to think I am being farcical. But I can tell you, in my capacity as a chi kung grandmaster, that this feeling of relaxation and cheerfulness from your heart may possibly be the best benefit of this exercise.

This is the very same reason why some patients overcome the odds and get well. Their rational minds may say that it is near impossible, but their heart wants to get well. And from this their heart of confidence blossoms.

There will be some bumps along the journey to full recovery. It is very important for the patient to get the necessary support and encouragement from friends, family and the healer so that their heart of confidence continues to thrive.

Remember to wake up your day with a nice, big Smile from the Heart.

Happy holidays!



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