An Analysis of Anthony’s Campaign


by my Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Here is an analysis of Anthony Korahais’ campaign at…fter-17-years/ which will give insight to the issue.

People are misled to believe I am the wrongdoer. The name of the wrongdoer is not mentioned, but mine is. The focus of the campaign is how evil I have been.

There is no attempt to identify the wrongdoer. Anthony has declared he is not going to bring the case to court. The campaign does not help to prevent similar events happening again. There is also no attempt to help the victims. Indeed the campaign may revive the traumatic pains that the victims may have previously overcome.

To Anthony and those who resigned as instructors over this matter, the “wrong” that I have done is that I did not publicly renounce the accused, but I am made to appear as if I condoned sexual abuse despite the fact that I have mentioned many times that I don’t. Anthony’s statement that I have all the evidence is not true.

The only evidence that I can confirm is a woman who confessed to me. All the rest is unproven accusations. I have also stated that though the accusations are unproven, it does not mean they may not be true.

The reasons why I did not publicly denounce the accused are as follows:

1. I did not, and still do not, have sufficient evidence. I did not want to act as prosecutor, judge and executioner all in one person based only on accusations.
2. Bringing the issue into the open would adversely affect the victims, who probably did not want their affairs to be publicized.
3. I wanted to give the accused another chance. I hoped he would change, irrespective of the accusations which had yet to be proven.

Anthony is now teaching as his livelihood the very arts he has learned from me. He also often mentioned that I had saved his life. Publicly renouncing one’s sifu is bad enough. Running a campaign to smear the sifu who saved his life is far worse.

Anthony’s motives for running this campaign may be interpreted differently by different people, but it is a clear example of repaying kindness with vengeance.

Originally there was a long list of comments following Anthony’s post, including a courageous victim who described how my teaching had helped her overcome her trauma and lamented that Anthony was steering people away from me. Anthony has taken out the comments. The early comments praised Anthony for his action. The later comments raised the issue of Anthony betraying me, his teacher who saved his life. I would take the opportunity here to thank all those who, on their own accord, have spoken kindly for me.

It is shocking that by his own admission Anthony has been sick, his financial situation deteriorates and his married life strained during the two years he preoccupies himself with these accusations when he is teaching an art that is meant to give good health, good luck and happiness. From the chi kung perspective, the main cause is that Anthony’s heart is blocked by vengeance.

Christmas is a time for forgiveness besides rejoicing. Everyone, including Anthony, has a choice. Block the heart with vengeance and indignation, or forgive and be compassionate and open the heart to blessings of good health, good luck and happiness. There are many beautful things in life than clinching to grudges in the heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit,
22nd December 2014.


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