Free Sparring Competition Workshop

I’m proud to present a Sparring Weekend session to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the month of May.

This workshop is open only to Shaolin Wahnam students/instructors of intermediate level and above.

The dates for the course are fixed at May 26-27. Sifu Robin Gamble will teach 2-3 hours in the afternoon/evening on saturday and then another 2-3 hours in the morning on Sunday.

May 26 Saturday 5pm to 8pm
May 27 Sunday 9am to 12am

The venue will be at the new Shaolin Wahnam Kuala Lumpur Kwoon at
No 4-2, Jalan Damai Perdana 1/8B,
Bandar Damai Perdana,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur 56000.

Course structure is as follows:
– Learn and understand the typical attacks of skillful San Shou full contact fighters including their training methodology, tactics.
– Learn how to counter the common attacks of a San Shou fighter using Kung Fu
– Learn how to implement Kung Fu tactics in San Shou competition
– Spar under competition rules (gloves pads and all) in a controlled environment against a San Shou fighter (Sifu Robin Gamble)
– Spar with Kung Fu vs. Kung Fu in a San Shou competition environment

Note: A certain level of intensity will be expected of participants i.e. Participants will be expected to push themselves, train hard and not complain
Note: All participants should have the relevant training equitment i.e. mouth guard, groin guard, 12oz boxing gloves (can be bigger or smaller depending on fighters hands) – head guard and shin guards are optional
Note: All participants will be expected to spar

Interested participants can contact Sifu Lee Wei Joo


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